More Experience Training

On Saturday, whilst we were doing a training session at Fremantle with the WA 29er Sailing Squad sailors, we came across a sandbar near the channel that was producing some interesting wave patterns.















We often look for the most challenging conditions for sailors to experience new challenges to push their skill development.

On this occasion, I thought the sailors might just take a look, but I turned my head away for a second and they were dropping into some large peaks.

This certainly pushed the envelope and in this case, nature won over one of the boats.

How does this relate to normal sailing?  With the large increase in powerboating and size of powerboats recently, there are a lot more waves on the river and everywhere.

Two things about waves are: firstly they can slow boats down, so they need to be managed to reduce loss (Twist, mode, heel angel etc,..)

Secondly, they provide opportunities to surf both upwind and downwind, so you need to be on the lookout for the “runners” and include them into your strategy.  Will they affect when to tack on a shift? Will they change laylines etc,…?

If anyone remembers watching the last heat of the Olympics in the Lasers at Rio, there was one wave which Tom Burton was able to surf better than his opponents, that gave him the gold medal. Pretty amazing after 4 years of training to get one wave that wins a gold medal.

Program of Merit

Please note the below link for accessing Funding and Grants to support your training and travel assistance and note submissions for the Program of Merit need to be submitted by 30th September each year.

Boat Show

This year we are at the boat show at the Discover Sailing Centre at Elizabeth Quay with the Learn To Sail promotion and also inside the Convention Centre, Booth B37.

We are looking for sailors to do shifts at the Boat Show on Saturday and Sunday to take beginners out on the Opti’s for a “Try Sail” and to also help get them ready onshore.

In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help on the Discover Sailing desk.

If you are able to help please let me know by email  asap. 

We will be paying some contribution to Dinghy and Junior Instructors, but this is also an opportunity for those wanting Travel Grants to put back into the sport as part of your volunteer requirements.

Good sailing and wave hunting.