The summer season is almost upon us and it seems we never stopped over Winter.  The Women’s squad has been training hard for the WA Women’s Match Racing event, and although it is officially canceled, we have decided to finish off the training with a mock-up regatta anyway.  Big thankyou to all the volunteers again giving up their time.

The following weekend sees the Westsail camp at Hillary’s yacht club which is something all the sailors look forward to each year.  A great chance to meet lots of other young sailors, have fun, and learn a lot to step into the season full of skills.

A winter Foil Fest was on last weekend and although there was very little wind, 3-12 knots on Saturday and less on Sunday, it seemed to be a high success and something they want to come back for.  Below are some images and it’s pretty amazing to see these craft blast around at over 20 knots in low wind.

I thought it would be interesting to introduce the sailors with a quick background of where they came from.


Caelin Winchcombe Ex High-Level Laser Sailor, Recent Windsurfer and now High-Level Wind Foiler
Harry Joyner At only 14, Harry almost won the Australian Sailing 29er Youth Worlds Spot. Now a Windfoiler
Sean Carr Ex 14″ Skiff Sailor and Earlier Pioneer of Windfoiling
Kai Marns Morris RPYC Foiling Program
Aiden Duthie SoPYC Member and Ex Pelican and 29er Sailor
Ben Robinson SoPYC Member and Ex Open Skiff Sailor
Jake Hindmarsh Past Techno National Champion
Aiden Grove Ex Open Skiff Sailor and part of RPYC Foiling Program
Darryl Griffiths Original WindFoiling in WA
Matt Harskamp Ex 14″ Skiff Sailor
Russel David Morris Ex Windsurfer Racer
Steve Schneider Ex Skiff Sailor and SoPYC Foiling Coach
Zen Salisbury SoPYC, FSC, RPYC Past Top Optimist sailor
Josh Robinson SoPYC Member and Ex Open Skiff Sailor
Jack Joyner With Brother Harry almost won Australian Sailing 29er Youth Worlds Spot. Now a Windfoiler
Ben De Chaneet Bunbury  Ex Junior Dinghy Sailor


Alexander Landwehr Past SoPYC sailor in Skiffs and Professional Match Racing
Alty Frisby From Kite Board Racing
Hector Paturau Member and Past sailor at SoPYC
Thomas Hegerty From Lasers, Sharpies and got into Kite Board Racing
Jane Taylor From Mountain Biking, Wake Boarding. Kite and Kite Foil, Sports Doctor for West Coast Eagles
Andrew Cooksey Long-Standing Sailing Family
Philip Rowlands From KiteBoarding
Anthony Pillinger From KiteBoarding
Louis Rouillard From KiteBoarding
Benjamin Maslen From KiteBoarding
Julie Paturau From KiteBoarding
Boris Martin From Sailing Background in France
Derek Voller From KiteBoarding
Logan Mccormick State Champion From Freestyle Kiting