Applecross Cup – 7 – 8 September 2019

Last weekend saw the final of the Applecross Cup.  On Saturday, sailors were kept ashore to wait for a light sea breeze and Sunday there was morning sailing in a fading light northeasterly and afternoon in a light sea breeze which started around 10 knots but gradually faded.

Well done to the Race Officials finding some breeze to race in.

Although not the most exciting wind conditions there was still plenty to learn from.  It’s great to take a few notes on lessons learnt.  Here’s a few ideas to prompt your memory.


  • Strategy decisions for playing the long term potential gains or short term game. How much is lost in either? Is pressure or direction more important?
  • How is the land influencing the breeze?
  • Tide Impact (Pelican and Opti sailors in particular in the Canning River course).
  • Fighting for inside overlapped positions around marks.
  • Planning ahead to navigate traffic.
  • Making gains or minimising losses in waves.
  • Correct sail trim in light winds. Remember winds below 6 knots are linear in strength from the distance above the water.  This means you need deeper sails up high and flatter down low compared to winds over 6 knots (Turbulent flow).
  • Manoeuvring skills (Tacks, Gybes, Rounding’s).
  • Bodyweight positions.

It’s not easy to get everything right. Well done to those that did.  For those that didn’t, there are plenty more regattas to do.

As usual Rick Steuart’s  photos are available at Perth Sailing Photography Thanks Rick

There are only 4 weeks to go until the Opening day on the 6 October.  If you haven’t been sailing much, now would be a good time to check your equipment is race-ready and start to get sailing fit for the season.

Here is Australian Sailings, Safety Audit to prompt you.

Have a great week,