Tied in Ten Knots

The joint winners of the Graeme Hood Memorial Trophy both trial at ten knots.  August Moon made their call to drop down from twelve to ten in the last week or so while Northstar has used ten knots for the season.  They tied on twelve points each.

Jason Claricoates and Caroline James first became involved in the gentle art of time trialling during the pre-season training session.  It became clear very early that as newcomers they were both dedicated to getting their systems right and after some faltering first steps, improved their consistency at every outing so it was great to see them recording their first trophy win last Saturday.

Tony and Julie Walther were doubtful that their decision to drop to a lower speed would work, but after this result they might feel a lot more confident about it.

Graeme Hood was a club stalwart who left us much to early.  He was an enthusiastic competitor in both sailing and power events and he and his wife Julie were very involved in club affairs.  On Saturday Julie passed the baton to Graeme’s grandson Matt Lingard, to pay respect to his late grandfather and he did so with feeling, supported by Conor Nicholas.

There was one feature of the day that cannot go without mention.  There were more boats than ever before which were nominated to compete but failed to show up on the day.  This leads to an unnecessarily drawn out start sequence and is very confusing for inexperienced checkpoint crews. Please – if you are not intending to compete, advise the Power Administrator at or SMS to 0412 532 211. Conversely, if you have not been out for a while and want a start time, let the office know before Thursday, when weekend start times are set.

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Kylie Cup at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club:

Three boats represented the Club in Royal Freshwater Bay’s Kylie Cup, which was won by Garry Morrison last year.  South of Perth did it again. This time Rodney Greville-Collins took out the handicap award on Sovereign.  Thanet (Guy Skinner & Bernie Kaaks), with 12 points lost was best performing SoPYC boat, closely followed by Lone Star (Garry Morrison & Amanda Watson) on 13 points and Sovereign (Rodney Greville-Collins & Arthur Wells) on 18.

The trophy winner was RFBYC’s Stramash, which scampered around the long, long course with the loss of just six points.