A fine day on the water.

A leisurely brunch was spoilt with the sounds of the Southerly whipping through the trees next to the Canning River. Darn, its going to be a blowy day and as we made our way down to the club the white caps were pumping on the river just above the Canning bridge. Park the car and chat to people and as we do so, the breeze begins to drop a little. Ok, strap on the number one its going to be a good afternoon.

And so it was as the starters sent us South, off to Martin / Weaver on the way around a course two in about 15 knots or better. A good start would be making our way to the first mark with a minimum of  tacks but we chased a blue boat all the way down to Sampson. Gosh he was quick. But water line and a bigger spread of Dacron wins in a drag race and that’s what it was.

The div one boats had squared up with equal determination and the quick boats kept themselves in clear air as they made their way up to Martin. How many tacks, sorry I wasn’t counting but they all popped spinnakers for the down wind run to Sampson and that then made it clear that Glen Thomas and his select crew sailing on Problem Child were going to get away. Not that Richard Evans on Wicked with his crew of old salts were going to let him rest on his laurels as they were not that far away on time and indeed on handicap. Wendy Jorgenson was having a good time on Naughty Black Shorts with a handy crew from other div one boats and had a grin on her face later on in the evening. Ralph Newton and Eun na Mara filled out the trio at the front with some good times and did I spot Mark Loader on the boat again, not driving this time, just on a winch I presume.

As to the div two fleets, well a hands down first over the line to Dean Picot and Fair Game as they scorched around the course, followed by Ted Heysed who had Maverick in fine form. Glad to see you back Ted. And Sidewalk Café piloted by Denis Bradley took a very nice third over the line and was muttering under her breath about the fordeck crew as they found a new way  to launch a spinnaker  going to Bartlett. She did explain that they were in training and will do better next time. Otherwise keelhauling will return to the river.

To the Div three fleet that we were part of.. a great race and Brian Cross of Mariner was doing a fine job and was getting closer to Swiftsure Saga, but ran out of breeze in that dreaded area down near the freeway on the way home. Beaten home by the Melidonis powered Hellas who sailed well all day and took the advantages as he could. Mind you on handicap two regular competitors, Wildfire and Bluegrass did very well to take home second and third, but there’s nothing like a win to stuff up our handicap. We will clearly be visited by the handicapper for the next race.

In all, a good day on the water and a satisfying start to the Keelboat Prize night later that evening.