Discover Sailing Open Day

Open Day November 18th 2018

Click below for some wonderful galleries of photos taken by Rick Steuart, Des Lewis, Dee Kelly and Lynda of a very successful Open day! We welcome more than seventy new members to the Club!

Little pirate and grandma get the pirate boat experience of a lifetime!

Thanks to the Duyfken and their crew as well as the Freedom Fairy face-painters who both contributed to a wonderful Open Day.

Testimonial from the Open Day

From a new Junior member’s parent;

“SoPYC, Thank you so much for Open Day, Lauren and Ryan are so very excited they have been telling absolutely everyone about their sailing adventures and fun on Sunday.

Could I please ask if I may join up my two nieces? Since Lauren told them, they have both been very inquisitive so I thought it would be a perfect Christmas Gift given they both love the water and have shown immense jealousy that they didn’t get to have a turn!

It only dawned on me once they showed such interest in what our kids were telling them, how much they would actually enjoy it.

You should also be receiving a few calls over the next few days from other interested parents as they honestly have talked it up so much I think we may have two future life long members of your club on our hands. 

Many thanks” – Michele