It’s a sign of the weather with record inducing rainfall up river and the amount of dirt flowing down both the Canning and Swan rivers. Have a look at the photos and the murky brown colour of the water. The river needed this and dare I say it’s about time it had a good flush out. The rain and run off will ensure that the stagnant pools of water that sit below the flowing current will be given a good move along, but I wouldn’t be eating the mussels and other shell fish for a while.

Seven sailboarders hit the water along with two 125’s and a varying number of F15’s. Not a big day by any means, but those who went out to sail did so with gusto and I’m pleased to say that the sailboarders and the 125’s stayed out for the day, with a hardcore of the fifteens battling it out.

Elsewhere around the river, it was alive with kite boarders and foilers with the Women’s match racing team going out for some training under the watchful eyes of their coaches. Only one team had a kite up and sure as eggs they had a slight foul up, but to their credit they handled it well and got the kite down with very little fuss.

I’m looking forward to watching more of these teams in sailing mode and as summer approaches they will have the chance to show their stuff. Keep supporting the sailors I say.

Rick Steuart
(Photographing the 2021 Winter series)