Cruising Section – Weekend Cruise to Rottnest 9th February 2019

Fabulous Rotto Overnighter

What better place to be than at Rotto on a really hot weekend!  A perfect summer’s day enjoying good food and fine friends overlooking the turquoise clear waters of Thomson Bay jam-packed with boats! Great venue, great atmosphere, a really fun time for around 30 of us who headed over to enjoy the sun, sea and local eateries last weekend.












After mooring in Thomson Bay, we made our way to the Rotto Pub for a very relaxing lunch. Leaving a bit of room in our tummies, some of us walked along the waterfront to sample the other establishments.  We were very tempted and then overindulged in eating Snickerdoodles (no comments please as we have already exhausted all the obvious clichés with great gales of laughter) as well as other delicious desserts at Frankie’s-on-Rotto within the Settlement.  The Dome and The Bakery also became very popular with our SoPYC members over the weekend as well as being accompanied by the locals!










The ever enthusiastic Stephen Mawhinney was seen taking an early Sunday morning dip and scrubbing the bottom of their “Lucky” neighbour’s hull!











Another great weekend was enjoyed by the Cruising Section and a big thank you goes to our committee members’ Marcel Every and Dave Markham for organising this great overnighter at Rotto. Thanks again to all who came to support another of our fun events.

The Cruisy Scribe

P.S. Don’t forget to read your “Coffee Pointers” to check our next great day out!!