As we headed off to Mangles Bay the weather was very hazy with visibility of around 1.5 nautical miles.  It made for an eerie but interesting trip down especially when a cargo ship emerged out of the mist behind us!

6 power and 2 sail boats, 26 people and 3 dogs went down on Saturday for another great weekend at Mangles Bay.  At 5.30pm we all started making our way by tenders to shore.  Of course there was the excitement of a tender breaking down and having to be towed by Dave Ewart’s Towing Service to the jetty.  We met for pre-dinner drinks at The Cruising Yacht Club (TCYC) in Rockingham where we were warmly greeted.  At 7pm we moseyed on to “Eight on the Beach” restaurant for a lovely meal presented by an attentive staff who made us very welcome including Coco (the dog) who was served her own special sausage – on a plate no less which of course she delicately woofed down!

After a couple of hours of wining and dining we headed back for a night cap and after dinner party on Fonster.  Again the said tender after many pulls done with great gusto, refused to start.  With lots of advice being yelled out and more continuous pulls the skipper finally shook his head and the tow rope was thrown again.

The last of the guests departed at 1.30am from Fonster and Dave Ewart’s Uber Tender Service started again.  As the skipper of the ill-fated tender was about to disembark from Fonster, his hand reached into his pocket and out came …….. oops the “kill switch”!  Ummmm probably a really good reason why the tender wouldn’t start.  With gales of laughter and shaking of heads Dave headed off with the last of the guests.

On Sunday morning people began heading off back home this time with blue skies and sunshine.

Another great weekend was had by all and it was great to see some more new faces as well as the regulars.  Thank you to Paul Stott and the Cruising Section committee for organising and coordinating this fun weekend with The Cruising Yacht Club.  A big thanks and appreciation goes again to Dave and Fonny Ewart for hosting the night cap party on board Fonster.

The Cruisy Scribe

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