Cruise to Quindalup April 19th 2019

Simply Stunning!

It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful beaches and bays we have on our doorstep.  Quindalup was certainly up there with all the superlatives to describe it! The sunsets were fabulous, water absolutely pristine, the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club very welcoming, wonderful walks along the beach in the glorious autumn sunshine, enjoying some of the local cuisines in Dunsborough and of course…the bakery!! What a fantastic way to enjoy Easter!!!
Over the break 6 of us were able to enjoy beautiful Quindalup.  Even the Easter Bunny was able to find its way on board the Mawhinney’s boat “Sea Eagle” and leave lots of Easter Eggs for a very eager hunt on Sunday morning!
The pictures below say it all…
A big thank you goes to Stephen and Olga Mawhinney for organising the Quindalup break and for their fabulous hospitality!!!

The Cruisy Scribe