Thanet wins the morning…Amazon wins the afternoon event

It was an early morning start for the fleet of 40 boats that started re-run event down on the Claremont bank at 10am. The sunshine and very light breeze were welcome for a long day on the river. The 3-hour gap between events was perfect for a leisurely picnic lunch for some crews to enjoy onboard.

Thanet, fondly referred to as the Blue Flash, travelling at just 6 knots, started at 10.01 and an hour and twenty minutes later finished the course with a score of 6 points to take out the first place flag. Congratulations PC Guy Skinner and Richard Evans.  In second place was Dalusional, Troy Dalglish & Dee Kelly with a score of 7 points, followed by Amazon, Steve Wall & Amanda Watson in third place on countback with 9 points lost. M& Ms, Michael & Maria Cook also scored 9 points. The countback system determines the placings with the competitor that scores the most zeros placing highest.

The same course for the afternoon meant most boats had their run-ups sorted. The wind had picked up slightly but the sunshine was still warm making perfect conditions for the fleet of 45 boats that started the event.  The provisional results were posted on Saturday night, but after closer examination of the scores, the start team dropped Attadale changing the final outcome. Amazon won with a score of 3 points, followed in second position by Dalusional with 4 points. Boats from other clubs made up the remaining podium finishes with Purrfect, John & Lynne Cooper and Time Out, PC Phil & Pam Warwick drawn in 7th place with a score of 9 points lost.

The CPYC Prize Night Dinner will be held upstairs in our Wardroom on Friday 20th September. Trophies will be awarded for State Champion Power Yacht, Overall Handicap Champion and The Bob Stanford Perpetual trophy for least points scored over the 5 heats.  Please book your tickets through the office.

Lady Skipper’s event is this coming Saturday September 14th; join in by nominating with Bernie by Wednesday 11th. Remember the navigator can be a lady or a gent. The trophy, a beautiful glass figurine of frolicking dolphins, is donated and presented by the Ladies Luncheon Group.


BELOW: Thanet (403) being passed by Purrfect (426) and Amazon (409) the winners! Photos by Lindsay Preece at Ironbark photos 2019


























Click on each photo below for a full gallery of the double-header. Photos courtesy of Lindsay Preece of Ironbark Photos.