CPYC State Championship Time Trial Heat 5 and Reserve Day 8 September 2018

Drizzly Double Header to Finish State Time Trial Championship

With the loss of CPYC’s third heat of the State time trial championship due to foul weather, last Saturday saw two heats being run back to back under cloudy skies and occasional drizzle. Light winds made life tolerable for skippers and at the end of the day, some very respectable scores were recorded.

South of Perth’s Dalusional (Troy Dalglish and Dee Kelly) excelled in both heats, winning the first heat with a best score of just four points and following that up with a shared win in the second heat when three boats tied on 5 points.

Royal Freshwater Bay’s Queste (Hamish Beck and Cameron Cox) tied for second place with Thanet (Guy Skinner and Richard Evans) both on six points. Freshie’s Stramesh was fourth.

After a short break in Freshwater Bay the fleet took off for the second heat of the day. This time Dalusional scored five points, as did Purrfect (John and Lynne Cooper) and Stramesh (Khaled and Sara Hejleh). Dalusional and Purrfect, each with nine zeros on the scoreline, shared first place ahead of the luckless Stramash, which had eight zeroes.  Quite a remarkable outcome.

Also coming into prominence in the second heat of the day was the big Royal Perth entry Pure Indulgence (John and Deborah Allpike), finishing fourth on nine points to relegate Thanet to fifth place on a countback.

The checkpoints on the day did a wonderful job, and for a change it was the shore-based teams that fared worst on the day because of the weather.  Whilst listening to one of the voice recorders to verify scores written on a checksheet, rain could plainly be heard as it pattered down on the unit, causing one miserable caller to comment; “This just isn’t fun any more!” before resuming his count.

The man behind the organisation, CPYC Regatta Control Officer Garry Morrison was assisted on the day by Margaret Cooper and Sarah Morrison, who doggedly persisted until the task of checking results was complete and somehow managed to post the outcome to the power website by 7pm.  They deserve a medal! ~ Bernie Kaaks