Four, three, two, one, BOOOM! Victoria Blanckensee (filling in for Dee) has her unique countdown style.  Troy “boomed” on 5 marks and was just one second off on the other 6 marks. Congratulations to team Dalusional winning the 1st place flag in State Heat 3 with 6 points lost.  CYC’s Liquid Asset 2, Paul and Mairead Hodgson were second on 8 points and Purrfect, John and Lynne Cooper 3rd with 9 points.

A fleet of 48 boats braved the cold, windy and wet day. A big thank you goes to the check boats, especially some of the smaller, uncovered tinnies, bobbing around at anchor, recording times.

Etiquette…A reminder, when returning to the club after the event, please be courteous by going behind and not crossing at speed in front of other boats still on the course competing, causing unnecessary distraction and wake.

Double header coming up this Saturday AND Sunday…Nominations required…

The Seafarer’s Measure (Navi/Skips) event is on Saturday afternoon when the Navigators take over the wheel. It is not a requirement for the Skipper to take on the navigator role. Note: This is a nomination event.

Please nominate by contacting Bernie  to be added to the start list.

Sunday morning at 10am is the re-run of the Bob Blanckensee trophy, postponed from earlier in the season due to bad weather.  Please advise Bernie if you are NOT competing in the Sunday morning event

Power Section AGM is next Thursday 1st. August @ 19.30hrs in the Committee Room.

The Power Section is admired for it’s well organised and diligent committee, supported by Power Administrator, Bernie Kaaks, on staff.  Positions for all portfolios are open for nomination and election. Power Section Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month. All powerboat members are welcome.  Being a committee member is very rewarding and a great way to meet and get to know fellow members. If you would like to know more about the committee and its portfolio function, please contact the Power Captain, Mark Hayman  or Bernie Kaaks.

Outgoing Vice Captain, John Spanos has advised the committee he will not be renominating.  John has been Vice Captain for 3 years. John with his wife Leesa have decorated the ballroom for functions and dinners and proudly represented the section at functions and on other committees. John has been both the House Committee and our CPYC delegate. After each event, John has sold raffle tickets then joined flag officers in uniform on the podium for announcements and presentation of flags and results. On behalf of the section ‘Thank you, John and Leesa’, for your contribution to the section and our Club.