Last weekend’s Light Show: What a great event!

“Confluence” Art In Place Light Show

Over the past weekend, from Thursday night through to Sunday night, our Club enjoyed involvement with the City of Melville in celebrating the Cities’ 50th Anniversary. The City of Melville estimates that we had close to 3,000 people attending the event across the 4-night event (with Sunday being their busiest night). Which is absolutely huge! The number of families and people who stayed for the full two-hour event along the river’s edge was mind-blowing.

Our power yachts and sail yachts were on display as ‘projection screens’ along Canning Beach Road and in front of our Clubhouse where a total of 7 projectors shone fantastic, vibrant, aboriginal-themed, moving images onto our boats.

Our Food and Beverage staff were kept busy serving well over 600 extra guests, and many local residents were so impressed that we have had a small influx of new members.  Sailability at SoPYC also benefited by manning the outside car park where we raised about $400 in parking donations.  Many thanks to Bob Benton, Liz Warman and Glen Bell for their valuable time spent shaking the can.

The sting in the tail, however, is that over the 4 nights, we had just a few boats volunteer to be ‘projection screens’ in the 2 locations. Over the 4 nights, we actually had less than 7 boats each night;  considering that members occupy about 475 water pens, it represents a paltry 1.4% participation rate.

A great big “Thank You” to the 13 members who provided their boats and their time!

ART IN PLACE the City of Melville’s new series of temporary public artworks.

Perth-based artists VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) will collaborate with Kambarni (Kamsani Bin Salleh) to deliver the first project for ART IN PLACE. Their artwork, Confluence, was an ephemeral projection-based installation across the body of water and illuminated on a fleet of boats, where the Swan (Derbarl Yerrigan) and Canning (Djarlgarro Beeliar) rivers meet.

Photo by Dave Barton

Photo by Monica Defendi Photography

Photo by VJzoo


VJzoo is a partnership consisting of Kat Black and Jasper Cook. Since 2003 they have worked together performing and presenting their unique video, interactive and projection installations nationally and internationally. Working across a diverse range of media, the artists often explore themes in their work related to memory, the night, and a sense of wonder. | @VJzoo | @vjzoo

Kambarni (Kamsani Bin Salleh) is a Perth-based artist and illustrator descended from the Ballardong Noongar people of the South West and the Nimunburr and Yawuru people of the Kimberley. He believes in the importance of cultural preservation and expression while also challenging the notion of culture being trapped in the past. His artworks reflect an appreciation for the natural world emerging from both a cultural and biological fascination, often stylistically modernising ancient stories as well as attempting to re-contextualise Eurocentric works from an Indigenous perspective. | @kambarni