Combined Clubs Invitation Series

The Combined Club Invitation Series began during the 2011-2012 season and provides larger fleet racing for Division 1 and Division 2 Keelboats competing on a rotational basis at each of the 3 clubs. The Windward / Leeward Series Day 1 & 2 form part of this series but not included in the SoPYC Saturday Series scores.



Division 1 Series – PHS   I   AMS   I   IRC

Division 2 Series – PHS


Notice of Race

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Sailing Instructions

Links to the participating club’s full Sailing Instructions:

South of Perth Yacht Club + Invitation Series Courses

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Royal Perth Yacht Club

Supplementary Sailing Instructions (SSIs) for each race are available via the links in the table below:

Invitation Series Schedule

Division DateDescriptionClubSSIsNoticesHandicaps
Division 126 October 2019RFBYCClick here
Division 226 October 2019RPYCClick here
Division 102 November 2019Windward / Leeward racesRFBYCClick here
Division 202 November 2019Windward / Leeward racesRFBYCClick here
Division 123 November 2019RPYCClick here
Division 223 November 2019SoPYC
Division 111 January 2020SoPYCClick hereClick hereClick here
Division 211 January 2020RFBYCClick hereClick here
Division 101 February 2020Windward / Leeward races
RFBYCClick hereClick here
Division 201 February 2020Windward / Leeward racesRFBYCClick hereClick here
18 February 2020 @1830Series PresentationsRPYC
Cocktail Lounge