Colin Wilson Trophy: Amazon wins trophy with Least Points score of 4

Before presenting the trophy and flags, Colin’s daughter Sue Smith, spoke of her fathers’ passion for SoPYC and the Power Section in particular. Colin was a not only a Life Member and keen Time Trialling competitor with wife Fay on his boat Fayda, but Colin also managed the Club office in the mid-nineties in a professional role, known then as Club Secretary, (now the General Manager). Sue spoke of Colin’s passion for the timekeeping and synchronising of the clocks, which as we know, is still a most important part of our sport. The trophy is awarded to the “least points” winner which is accompanied by a generous cash prize donated by Colin’s daughters, Megan, Robyn and Sue.



Left: Colin Wilson (Club Secretary) with past Commodores Rod Sawyer and Tony Coddington circa 1995.





Amazon, Steve Wall and Amanda Watson won the Colin Wilson Trophy with a score of 4 points; however, the loudest applause at results was for Indiana, Brian & Tina Smith, winning first place in the starboard fleet with a score of 9 points. Tina was jumping for joy with the single figure result and the 1st flag.  Power Captain Mark Hayman and Jared Tickle on Innuendo won first in the port fleet with a score of 13 points.  Second in the port fleet was Thanet, PC Guy Skinner & Richard Evans (just returned from Hamilton Island race week) with 15 points and third, Holidaze, Vern and Judy Bailey, again amongst the winners, with 16 points.

In second position in the Starboard fleet behind Indiana was Champuss, Clarry Wrensted and Betty Walsh with 11 and third were new time triallers, Desiderata, Vince Acalinovich and Ron Spackman with a very good score of 14 points lost.  Ships and Giggles, Mike and Angela Irving, took home the wooden spoon and port again but with a most respectable score of only 44 points.

Coming Up: AGM on Wednesday and Power Section Meeting on Thursday night.

Next Week; Nominations are required for the “doubleheader” CPYC State Heats with both a morning and afternoon event. Course 10 is the same for both events with an early 1000hrs start down at Burnside for the re-run of Heat 2 and our Pelican Trophy, followed at 1400hrs by State Heat 5. Be sure to have your nomination’s into Bernie by latest Wednesday. The sign-on sheet is in the foyer.

Calling all Lady Skippers!  The Ladies Lunch Group sponsored Lady Skippers Time trial is the following week Saturday the 14th. This is the chance for the girls to show the boys how they handle being behind the wheel. It is not a rule that the men must navigate but it’s often a real test and a giggle to see the roles reversed. Nominations are required.