Project Description

The Red Witch is a shallow draught 20-foot (6.0 m) trailer able, fixed keel yacht, designed to fit under major bridges on the Swan River in Western Australia. The boats are easy to cruise and race and are an excellent entry into sailing as they are affordable and easy to maintain.

The Red Witch offers competitive one design class racing. They are well built, very safe and can offer relaxed family cruising or great fun for young people. They are thrilling in strong breezes where legendary downwind performance of the boat allows it to easily sail past larger boats. The simple rigging makes it easy to sail two up or with young children. They can be sailed with up to five people on board and can accommodate four for sleeping inside the cabin.

They are sailed as a separate division at South of Perth Yacht Club and as combined fleets at many yacht clubs in WA.

The hull and cabin are made out of Glass-Reinforced Plastic, the keel is cast iron (400kg) and the rudder is GRP or wooden, originally with a rudder box, or replaced with GRP as owners upgrade. The transom has space for an outboard bracket and a ladder. It is virtually unsinkable, as it has airtight cavities in the cabin. Total approx hull weight 700kg.

For further information contact the Fleet Captain Peter Gillett on 0403 302 974 or via email.

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