Boat List


Boat Name: TBA
Design: Swarbrick Spacesailer 22
Length: 22 feet (6.9m)

Owner’s Name: Col Delane
Phone: 0415387293

Additonal Information
Days Required: Saturdays Keelboat, Sunday Winter Frostbites
Position Required: General Crew Member, Jib Trimmer, Main Trimmer
About your Boat & Crew: 

The SS22 (a keelboat designed & built by renowned WA designer Kim Swarbrick) is a like the VW Beetle car – small, simple, and rugged, but also performs well for their size.

When sailing with just two sails (Main & jib/genoa) a crew of 3 is required, but can accommodate 4. When sailing under spinnaker, a crew of 4 is required.

My boat is in really good condition (two marine surveys in the last 3 years gave it a very clean bill of health)

Most racing will be on the river (SoPYC events but also SS22 Association events involving boats from other clubs) though I also hope to venture under the Freo bridges to Rockingham (Cockburn Sound Regatta between Xmas & New Year) and to Rotto.

What type of sailing do you do? Relaxed Racing
Does this person need any special requirements? 

I would prefer crew with some sailing experience (whether in dinghies or keelboats), but I am willing to train anyone who is keen to learn and is prepared to commit to regular sailing.

Sailing on a small boat like the SS22 means that you will be actively involved in and learn (much quicker) most aspects of sailing and boat handling 🙂 whereas on a big yacht you will be a small cog in a big wheel and often spend much time just sitting on the rail as ballast! 🙁

What type of placement are you looking for? Permanent