Spray Request

Attention: General Manager, SoPYC

I/we request permission from the General Manager of SoPYC, to carry out a spraying activity within the South of Perth Yacht Club works area.
Terms and Conditions

1. I will not spray if wind speeds exceed 5 knots

2. I will watch and monitor wind speeds before and during spraying

3. I will confirm with the Bosuns, before the commencement of work, that the wind is under 5 knots. The Bosuns will use Seabreeze to check the live wind reading at the Melville Water station.

3. I will use protection screens around the vessel that will be put in place by/with the Bosuns

4. I understand that I, on behalf of the company, am responsible/liable for any over spray onto a vessel or vehicle other than the vessel being worked on

5. I have read, understood and will follow the preferred marina manual and procedures

6. I understand that I need permission from the General Manager before commencing any spraying activity and this request will not be granted if conditions are not ideal for spraying

7. I will not undertake any spraying activity till permission has been granted by the General Manager.