Pens & Moorings

The Club has water pens, swing moorings, land pens and ramp access for its Ordinary members. Members are welcome to apply for use of these facilities to the Pens & Moorings Committee. You must be a full Ordinary member to apply for a boating facility. For more information on how to become a member click here or call the office on 9364 5844.

The Pens and Moorings Committee meets monthly, preference in pen allocation is based on Club participation.

Water pen and land pen fees vary depending upon the pen size allocated, contact us here for further details.

A vessel cannot be penned, launched, moored or brought into the Club area (land or water) unless registered with the Club and having a current Marina Compliance Certificate and then only with the express permission of the Chairman of the Pens and Moorings Committee.

Application for Boating Facilities

All members with craft in the marina or on moorings must comply with the SoPYC Marina Requirements and Pens & Moorings Regulations Version 2

For Water Pen Applications – click here

For Land Pen / Ramp Applications – click here

Please complete your application and return to the office or email to Pens & Moorings

Deed Pens

The Club has a number of Deed Pens available. Conditions apply.