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Fuel Bowser
Due to a technical fault, members cannot access the fuel pump with their member key, so we have temporarily reverted back to the manual system.
Should you require access to the fuel pump, please go to the AED Box, located with the Sullage Pump Key box inside the club near the ice box entry and opposite the ballroom toilets.
You will need to use your member key to gain access to the box.
You will then need to take the bowser key and the relevant order book with you to the fuel pump.
Please ensure you record your contact details (name, member number and boat name), the number of litres and dollars of the sale.
It is essential that you return the book and the fuel bowser key to the box, as the next member who needs fuel may not appreciate if you have the key on your boat.
Thank you for your cooperation, we will advise when the fault is rectified.
South of Perth Yacht Club