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Tuesday 12 June 2018 - Issue 292

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 13 June 2018
Mid Week Winter Series Racing 1435hrs
Thursday 14 June 2018
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $750
Cruising Meeting 1930hrs
Friday 15 June 2018
Saturday 16 June 2018
Power Yachts - Cliff Spence Memorial Trophy 1415hrs
Sunday 17 June 2018
IGA Keelboat Frostbite Series R4 - 1355hrs
Monday 18 June 2018
Finance Meeting 1800hrs
Information Night - Charts & GPS Errors 1830hrs
Tuesday 19 June 2018
Training & Development Committee Meeting 1700hrs
OWG Regatta Committee Meeting 1800hrs
House Meeting 1800hrs
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Today's Fuel Prices

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Vale Dr James Whitelaw

Dear Members and Friends,
We are saddened to inform members of the recent passing of Dr James (Jim) Whitelaw.

Jim joined South of Perth Yacht Club in July 1996. He was an active member of the Club, sailing with PC Gerry Drysdale on H28 Mariner and Farr 1104 Golden Eagle. During the winter seasons, Jim was involved in time-trialling where he crewed on Commodore Phil Warwick’s Time Out over fourteen seasons.

On behalf of the SoPYC Flag Officers, Members and staff we would like to express our condolences to the Whitelaw family.

Funeral arrangements to be announced separately.

"Confluence" Light Show Dinner

6pm 22 June 2018, Come and watch the Art In Place event from the Club

Come join us at SoPYC for dinner and the best view of the "Confluence" Art In Place Light Show Two dinner options are available; The Wardroom and the Quarterdeck. Both menus and all the event information are below. ART IN PLACE: Confluence A spectacular night-time celebration of light and art transforming where our rivers meet. ART IN PLACE is the City …

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we need you

"Confluence" Light Show HELP

SoPYC are participating in the City of Melville’s 50th-year celebration and their ‘Confluence’ Art In Place event. We need as many boats as possible (both power and sail) to be moored both on our Canning Beach Road moorings and also anchored directly in front of the club lawn area adjacent to the fuelling jetty on the nights of Thursday 21st …

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Jetty Mooring Lines

During the last few weeks Perth has experienced severe weather conditions which is not unusual heading into winter. Regrettably, some vessels have been damaged as a result of boats coming into contact with the jetty structures. The incidents have prompted an inspection of mooring lines used to secure boats and the setup of lines and cleats in pens and we are surprised at the number of boats whose lines do not comply with the Pens & Moorings specifications for correct lines and pen setups for floating and fixed jetty structures.

For members information, the mooring line requirements set out in the Marina Manual (which is to be found on the Members Portal) are reproduced below. If your lines do not meet this criteria it is incumbent upon you, as the boat owner, to meet the requirements of the Club and take the necessary steps to comply with the Club rules.

11.1.1 All vessels shall be moored as directed by the Pens and Mooring Committee both as to methods of fastening to jetties, catwalks and hull, as well as to their mooring. All mooring lines shall be approved rope (minimum standard, polyethylene staple silver rope, unless otherwise ordered) and shall be fitted immediately a vessel occupies a pen or mooring and shall be in accordance with the following specification as appended below:

Vessel length
Rope Size
Vessels up to 6m
Not less than 14mm (BS 1350kg)
Vessels 6m to 9m
Not less than 16mm (BS 1850kg)
Vessels 9m to 12m
Not less than 22mm (BS 3200kg)
Vessels 12m to 15m
Not less than 24mm (BS 3700kg)
Vessels 15m to 20m
Not less than 28mm (BS 5100kg)
Vessels 20m to 25m
Not less than 32mm (BS 6700kg)
Note: If ropes other than silver are fitted, rope sizes must be equal to or exceed the breaking strains for silver rope as noted above.

11.1.3 Ropes used shall NOT be zero stretch types such as Kevlar, Dyneema and Spectre.
These requirements have been in place since 2013. The specifications are devised to ensure vessels remain secured in their pen safely during the extreme conditions the Club encounters thereby preventing damage to members boats and jetties which occurs when an inadequately secured vessel breaks its lines in inclement weather.

Continuing the theme of compliance, any fixtures that members wish to have attached to a pen for convenience or to assist in berthing a vessel must apply in writing for consent for improvements to be installed. A formal consent must be obtained before the improvement is installed. There are strict criteria that must be observed for the proper installation of any improvements to preserve the integrity of the jetties and systems and minimise corrosion. Again, we note that members are installing improvements without consent. The Pens and Mooring committee is empowered to remove unapproved improvements and reinstate the jetty at the boat owners cost. Piles are not to have any penetrations such as screwing fixtures to the HDPE covers of the piles as this introduces oxygen to the water within a sealed steel pile and results in speeding up corrosion through rust and reducing the design life of a pile.

Should any members have any questions about fixtures, whether in place presently or contemplated in the future, or don’t have the requisite Club approval, please contact the office for assistance.
rat new

Welcome to our new Ladies Luncheon Coordinator

On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to recognise the contribution that Luciana Giancristofaro has made to the Ladies Luncheon Group as the coordinator of the group for over the past year. Sadly, Luc is stepping aside from the role as of September to concentrate on the family and assist Bert in developing their business. Luc has done a great job and I would like to thank her and Annie Mullens for their contributions.

I am pleased to say that Chris Nyeholt has volunteered to take on the position of coordinator. Thank you Chris.

For those members who would like to know more about the Ladies Lunch Group, the lunches are conducted at South of Perth Yacht Club on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They are an important part of the social life of the Club, providing a opportunity for new and long-standing women members of the Club and their guests to meet and talk over a two course meal, and to listen to speakers on a diverse range of topics from murder investigations to lingerie fittings and organic gardening to health and beauty.

The Ladies Lunches are also an important aspect of the Club’s community and social engagement, promoting mental and physical health and organising collections for women’s refuges, medical research and other important community services. On special occasions, the Ladies Lunch is held on the water (hosted on members’ power boats) or in conjunction with a trip to a place of interest. The lunches are promoted via Coffee Pointers, Facebook and Club notice boards. We encourage you to join a lunch and discover what fun they can be. Lynda and Alison in the office will be pleased to respond to any questions you may have about the group.

David Barton, Vice Commodore and House Chairman


Power Logo 3 High Res

Robert E Blanckensee Memorial Time Trial Report

Once again, the winter weather forecast was bad enough to convince several skippers to call the office and withdraw from last Saturday’s time trial, but the reality turned out to be nowhere near as bad as the forecast. The Bureau’s official wind strength for Melville Water during the event had steady wind ranging from 15 to 18 knots and a peak gust of 25 knots. It was uncomfortable for smaller boats and difficult for accuracy in competition, but most were up for the challenge and 26 boats did battle on the day.
Garry Morrison, jet-lagged after returning from Scotland less than 24 hours before the event began, still managed to report for duty as our starter for the day, while Captain Amanda took the opportunity to catch up on a little lost sleep during the afternoon.
The starboard fleet was won by Steve and Diane Clarke in the Boardroom, with the minor placings going to Brian and Tina Smith in Indiana and Brad and Carol Pearce’s Thelissos.
Minor placings in the port fleet were awarded to Jim Gooding and Keith Salkeld in Open Circuit, and John and Lynne Cooper’s Purrfect – a fitting reward for Lynne’s big birthday celebrations.
The Robert E Blanckensee trophy, and first place in the port fleet, was won by a very surprised Commodore Phil Warwick, with his wife Pam as navigator.
Newcomers Spectrum (Mark and Maree Marshall) and Silhouette (Dean and Ron Young) were welcomed to the time trial community. It’s great to see four “newbies” enjoying their time trials and returning some very creditable scores!

CYC Lloyd Anderson Invitation Time Trial - Power Section

lloyd IMG_0729
Despite the inclement weather, some 20 plus vessels descended on Claremont Yacht Club on Sunday 10 June 2018 for the annual Lloyd Anderson Invitation Power Yacht Time Trial.
Competitors from CYC, RFBYC, RPYC and one sole competitor from SoPYC braved the wind and rain and managed to steer a variation of a true course in the sometimes wild and stormy conditions.
The front hit about 1030hrs with many vessels still on course, with most managing to make it across the finish line despite the near zero visibility at some points during the race.

CYC hosted a lunch where results were presented. Despite the weather, the results were quite remarkable. The sole SoPYC competitor Dalusional skippered by Troy Dalglish and Navigated by PC Frank Dalglish came in first with a loss of only 5 points winning the Lloyd Anderson Trophy, narrowly beating Utopia, Justin Congdon and Commodore David Bovell from CYC on 6 points and Dirty Deeds, Sandy and Trish Moyle from CYC on 8 Points. All competitors deserve recognition for just getting out there on the day. And a big thank you to all the volunteers and checkpoints that assisted in some very wet and windy conditions.
lloyd IMG_0741

Radio Sailing at SoPYC. Friday 8 June 2018

Radio Sailing edit IOM 3
The weather gods were more kind to us last Friday than on the 25th May. The variable pre-frontal breeze was predominantly from the north, making for some interesting course changes. There were 8 International One Metre boats and a couple of Dragon Flyte 95s.

It was great to see a number of interested club members trying their hand at sailing the radio boats. If there are some members interested in furthering radio sailing at the club, could they forward their contact details to either myself at or to Mark Popham at Our Sailing Development Officer is keen to help establish radio sailing at SoPYC and is prepared to assist with required equipment.

At this point, another sailing date has not been scheduled. However, it is hoped that when the weather forecast is favourable, we can reschedule an event in the near future.

Thanks to Russell Dawes for his photography -
Tim Bussemaker, 12th June 2018

SoPYC Ocean Racing - Bali Win!

SoPYC Garth Curran and crew
"South of Perth Yacht Club Racers Perform"
A well-attended cocktail party at Fremantle Sailing Club last Friday evening was held for the dual purpose of presenting trophies for the Bali Race in May last year, and the launch of the next Bali race in 2020, the year the FSC celebrates its centenary.

It is easy to forget the level of interest in ocean racing at South of Perth Yacht Club, particularly now that most of our ocean racers have moved their yachts to Fremantle to avoid the dreaded business of lowering and raising masts. For the record, South of Perth members were heavily involved in the Bali Race.

Mike Giles (Endorfin) chaired the organising committee and sailed as a competitor. Garth Curran raced Walk on the Wild Side once again and recorded line honours, first place on IRC and first place on YAH. He had so much silverware that his crew had to share the load! Sailing Napea, Craig Hansen won line honours in the Rally fleet with a full crew of SoPYC members. Barry and Betty Walsh also competed in their first long-distance race in Twitch. Betty is not only a member of the Geraldton organising committee, she has also signed up as navigator for Clarry Wrensted in time trials.

With planning well underway for the 50th anniversary Geraldton Race in October this year, all four boats have indicated their intention to participate.

SOPYC Information Night 18 June 2018

Monday 18 June 2018 - 6.30pm Wardroom Anchors, Charts & GPS Errors • Why does my anchor drag at 2am? • Why does my plotter show I am anchored in the car park? This presentation will explore the above questions and may even answer a few of them. Dr Kim Klaka is a naval architect with 40 years experience in …

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SOLO Winter Series 2018

SOLO Winter Series 2018
Notice of Race and registrations now available – please click here.

As a prelude to South of Perth Yacht Club’s premier Off The Beach Regatta, the SOLO Series offers free entry into the Applecross Cup, 8 & 9 Sept 2018.
Major prizes to be won for overall combined event winners – SOLO Series + Applecross Cup

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Swan River Channel Closures in June

Dear River User/ Resident/ Commercial user,
Re: Swan River Channel Closures for Matagarup Bridge

Please be advised that construction work for Matagarup Bridge requires an extension to the current closure of the Swan River navigation channel between Burswood and East Perth.
The installation of the bridge decks is now the main component of work to be completed, after the lifting of the main arches during April and May. This requires the continued use of anchor lines and cables in and across the navigation channel.
The extension of the current closure has been approved by the Department of Transport (DoT) to protect worker and public safety.
The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Alliance (SRPBA) is working to reopen the channel as soon as possible, targeting mid-June at the latest, with a confirmed date to be advertised on Main Roads website.
We regret that until that time, the river will remain closed to all vessels, 300m to the north and 300m to the south of the bridge piers. This closure also applies to recreational use including the use of kayaks, jet skis and canoes.
The closures are marked by signage and rows of navigational buoys. Spotter boats are in place to patrol the closure points and make sure no vessels enter the restricted zone.
SRPBA would like to thank commercial and recreational river users for your cooperation with this closure. We sincerely regret the need to extend the disruptions and ask for your continued understanding.

For further information please visit, contact Main Roads Customer Information Centre on 138 138 or email

VHF Radio Course – Expressions of Interest

SoPYC are looking at running another VHF radio operators course in July. This is the new Australian Waters Qualification (click here for information).
If anyone is interested in getting qualified to operate a VHF radio, then this is for you and all done at your own club.
Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday evenings for 2 hours a session. The number of sessions are up to you but generally 3 or 4 suit most people.
The cost will be approx..$200.
Please send your EOI On Water Group

50th Geraldton Ocean Classic

20 October 2018
Enter online here

Cruising Logo

Cruise to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
Sunday 17 June 2018

Cruising Section - Cruise to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
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Support Crew Roster

POWER - LAZY LODGE - Steve McMillan
DIV I - F'8AL ATTRACTION - Terry Newby
DIV II - CRITICAL PATH - Malcolm McBride
SS22 - MELE BILO III - Terence Markham
DIV III - AVALON - Des Lewis
S80 - GLASGOW KISS - Hamish MacAdie
S/BOAT - THE RED BOAT - Michael Dunbar

POWER - OUTSIDER - Quentine Wenster
POWER - HIS MAJESTY - Steven McWhirter
POWER - CROSSBOW IV - Darrell Rice

POWER - MURLYN -Steven Whitmore
POWER - RANI - Robert Goyen
POWER - GRANGE II - Geoffrey Baker
DIV III - BANDIT TOO - Allan Pride
S80 - SHORT CIRCUIT - Jerome Rousset
SS22 - CATCH 22 - Robert Hopkins
SS27 - FOOTLOOSE - Edward Hart
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