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Dear reader
The Policy Committee met in early August and are now collating the policies into the portfolio, strategic and operational areas. As you can imagine, there has been duplication over the years so many will need updating - this could take some time.

I mentioned last report we had completed the Strategic Plan. We are in the final throws of being able to formally accept the plan at Management. We will then present the document to the membership. My thoughts of presenting the Plan initially will be through information nights for members.

With the passing of Vice Patron John Forde, a vacancy became available. The Committee were familiarised with the policy and several names were put forward. After considering the candidates, a motion was passed to invite PC Rupert Leslie to fill the role.

With the Yearbook mailed out, you will be able to see we posted a small profit - not bad for a year affected by Covid-19. Unfortunately, the Finance Committee is finalising a cautious budget for the coming year. This is to be expected in the economy of today.

It was good to see we were up on subscriptions and fees paid in advance at the same time last year - maybe the food and beverage incentives assisted - thank you all for your continuing support.

The Committee is moving forward with its investigations, and costings have been established for the Wi-Fi mesh and some designs for jetty camera support arches. Still early days but progress is being made.

There has been a suggestion that we encourage vessel owners to install cameras on their vessels connected to the club’s network. This may be one way to achieve good coverage of the marina.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of discussion with reference to the obligation of members who have been reluctant to be involved in the volunteer side of the boating calendar. This has been obvious for Checkpoint Duty.

This is a rough situation analysis of the issue:
There are about 358 powerboats that just use the club as a marina while there are approximately 23 time-trial events per year. With the most number of Checkpoint duties for any event being 15, this would equate to 345 vessels being required. The sailing section are also involved with a good attendance record and there are only about 200 sailing vessels at the club. To summarise, the power owners would only be required to attend their duty every second year whereas the yachties will be called each year! Normally, the roster is posted in Coffee Pointers and there is a personal letter sent to your address. I am not sure of how many sick aunts’ we have, but going on the number of excuses not to participate, the hospitals would be full. Mechanical issues are pretty common too.

The Australian Youth Championships has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Regatta Committee has proposed we run a major event over the same period which would include all club sailing sections including the Power Yacht Section, and visitors from all other WA clubs. I will be able to elaborate on that further down the track.

Pens and Moorings
This was also mentioned in my last article. You may have noticed the dust and noise coming from the Centreboard clubhouse. The Pens and Moorings Chairman has converted the meeting room into an office to house the Facilities Superintendent and Facilities Administrator, much to the disgust of the Coach. These job descriptions have been prepared and approved by the Managements Committee. Advertising for the positions has commenced. The role of the new positions will be based on managing the club’s assets with the assistant managing the pens and moorings and secretarial duties. This will allow the club to better manage the workflow and repairs in a planned way. The Works Chairman will still oversee major projects and future works.

With the Quarterdeck now in operation, it is great to see the members enjoying the refurbished dining area with the river and city back-drop. Thanks for the Works Committee involvement, including the Bosuns Club input.

There have been a few holdups on the Centreboard Clubhouse ablution upgrade - this has been sorted out and work will be started soon.

Planning for our 75th Anniversary celebrations is well under way. It is quite amazing the amount of history that is being gathered for the occasion which we hope to be able to share with you soon.

A bit of good news - we have signed the contract for the Wave Attenuator. The works will start on the 18 January 2021 and progress through to the end of March.

Management approved funds to start the planning for the administration office upgrade. This should see the office enlarged with a modern reception housing a meeting room. If all goes well, construction may start in the new calendar year.

Training and development
With the club heavily involved in the “WASS” programme and with up to 120 junior sailors attending weekend events, the need for a classroom style training room is needed. There were budgets approved, for operable walls to be installed in the Centreboard Clubhouse, and the conversion of part of the dinghy storage shed into a wet training area. This was all installed courtesy of the Bosuns Club - thank you to those involved.

John Midolo, SoPYC Commodore