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SoPYC Clubhouse to Close at Midday today

March 23rd 2020

As Members will have heard by now, the Government has instructed all Registered Clubs to close indefinitely from midday today, 23 March 2020. This is stage 1 of the governments’ social distancing strategies. The closure will be assessed monthly by the government.

Accordingly, the SoPYC Clubhouse will be closed from noon and it will not be possible for Members to access the licenced premises i.e. the main Clubhouse building. So, all food and beverage operations will cease at that time, including take-away.

Presently, the shut-down direction does not seem to extend to our jetties and pens or car park areas and so those aspects of the Club's operations will be unaffected – however, this may change at short notice. Access to 24 hour bathroom facilities will be available.

Tomorrow night the Management Committee will consider the options for the Club going forward and will be undertaking modelling for the next six months to determine the financial position, particularly as regards our ability to retain employees and the need to look after their interests. We are also acutely aware of the impact of this directive has on everyone around us and uses the club – members, staff and contractors. This will be factored into the decisions that need to be made.

Our community and the broader community are facing deeply unsettling times and circumstances and the management committee will be taking every practical step to work through the challenges that arise in coming months.

Members may expect to be communicated with on a regular basis so they are kept informed of the decisions that affect their lives when it comes to the activities of the club and the measures imposed on club operations by the Australian and Western Australian governments.

Stay safe.

John Midolo
SoPYC Commodore
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