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Dear Members and Friends,
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of former Club Member, Mr Trevor John Pitcher. Trevor passed away on Wednesday, 15th January 2020. Trevor had been a long standing member of SoPYC for over 26 years and a great supporter of time trialling along with his wife Fay.

Trevor was obviously a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy fan, for his boats were named 42, or later Quarante Deux (the French equivalent) – which as everyone knows, is the answer to the Universe. While never winning a club championship, Trevor and Faye were competitive time triallers and were always involved in club activities.

Professionally Trevor was the owner of Transeals PTY LTD which he sold in 2012 when he retired, he was a long time member of the Fluid Power Society and was a highly respected provider of hydraulic seals and transmission equipment to WA industry.

On behalf of the Flag Officers, Management Committee, staff, and Members we extend our sincere condolences to Fay, and all his family and friends.

When more details become available about the service, we will inform members.
South of Perth Yacht Club