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Dear Members,
Sorry about the lateness of my article. We had a marathon Management Meeting this month with minutes somewhere in the vicinity of 24 pages. I will now try to summarise them and give you an overview.

The meeting started with our Head Coach outlining how we could improve the website for the sailing academy. His presentation covered refreshing the site and making it easier to navigate. There were many questions regarding log in, payments, online information security, and ease of use by the staff. We were reminded this was a work in progress, and the technology we were using was quite outdated. The committee were happy with the presentation but were aware this was not the finished product.

We were finally able to convene a meeting that suited 80% of the committee. The good news is our three-hour session completed the plan. We now must translate this into a document making it an easy to read summary for the membership. The Management Committee proposes to hold information evenings in coming months outlining the plan to members,

It is the first time I have seen the Treasurer smile since Covid-19. Hopefully the government won’t revert to earlier restrictions and we can keep the doors open through the Eastern States pandemic. The Finance Committee is reviewing the 2020-2021 operational budget and revisiting the capital budget. The auditors have completed the annual audit and the Annual Accounts will be presented to members at the AGM which is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd September 2020. The draft figures show we will post a small profit which is good news as we were not so positive about producing a profit a few month ago. From all the statistics the committee has, they will be cautious in next year’s forecast. This will reflect controlled spending across the board. If the food and beverage offerings perform well with strong function bookings and members using the bar and dining, this will ease the pressure.
Hopefully, you would have read or heard the management committee has approved a further 10% discount on all food and beverages purchased on your fob key until September 2020.
There has been a vast improvement in the 90+ day debtors, this has come about by making contact and advising the members of the consequences.

I think I mentioned last addition that the Membership Committee were looking at incentives to encourage you back to enjoy the club.
  • The extra 11% off your food and beverages which I mentioned in the Finance section above.
  • If you pay your fees by the end of the month, the committee, through Bayswater Mazda have donated a night for two at the Crown Towers plus you will be able to drive around in a MX5 for the weekend.
  • There are also two $250 food and beverage vouchers to be won, so good luck in the draw everyone.
Hopefully, this will keep us on track for the recovery.

The Quarterdeck was almost finally completed, only to have a setback when the Yachties Bar was flooded during one of the storms in June. The damage repairs which totalled $104K, should be completed by the end of July.
The time for members comments on the kitchen renovation has now closed. There were a few comments made and these have been sent to the architect for review. Now we can move on with the working drawings and the lengthy planning approval process.
The wave attenuator contract is in place. There is a twenty-one day notice to mariners’ approval that must be observed which will put the start date into early September/October with an expected completion pre-Christmas.
Hot of the press, we finally have the development approvals for the Centreboard Clubhouse toilet refurbishment which should start in the next few weeks.
We have asked an architect for a fee structure to investigate the possibility of enlarging the admin area and redesigning the works area. The Management committee asked the Works Chairman to investigate the feasibility and report back.

We are still looking at a 4-year plan to implement a series of improvements. Management is comfortable with this and has approved the first step - $30k for cameras and extending the Wi-Fi mesh. We will also investigate the feasibility to upgrade the front entrance. The club has the land to the river side of the entrance, but we may be required to move the transformer, water, and gas to outside the new boundary. This will be a costly exercise and many approvals needed. There is a thought to replace the existing brick with concrete tilt panels, a little higher with a similar look, new gates and an electronic turn stile would be installed - this would increase security of the club. The panel could be beautified with murals.

The ORWA (Offshore Racing Western Australia) presented a document at SoPYC Offshore committee regarding the organisation of future events under the new association. This was discussed at Regatta and with no seconder to the motion it was lost. In brief, the new ORWA Association has proposed that basically they do all the leg-work for the regatta and charge each Club a fee to do so. The Club involved is still the organising authority which means if things go pear-shaped that Club is accountable. Not sure if we need to go down that road. We are still in talks with the Association.
The Viper section have applied, and Management Committee has approved, the waving of new member nomination fee under the 2013 policy.

2013 policy allowing new members to have their membership nomination fee refunded after participating in 50% of the years races and any other stipulations listed in the policy.

Pens and Moorings
There was a lengthy debate regarding the proposed Facility Coordinator and Admin Assistant - The conversation revolved around salaries, hours, implementation and the asset register. Before these issues can be addressed a job descriptions and operational guidelines would need to be completed. The committee moved this be undertaken and move to the next phase.

Just a bit of feedback -Thank you for your response to the use of the Ballroom as the restaurant and bar. House is planning to use the Ballroom in future as the winter dining area. They are also looking at incorporating the Quarterdeck. The plans for the 75th year celebrations are well under way.
Unfortunately, we have had to cancel most of the functions with Covid-19 as we were unsure if they would be run and the cancellation fees were high. But, from what I am hearing they will be in full swing soon.

Training and development
There was concern as to the status of the BW8’s and the insurance claim as the on water group were hoping to start the booking process for keel boat courses; but without the boats and a completion time for the repairs, we may miss out in the lead up to the season.
There was a suggestion that we could look at the UFO 34 on the mooring, with the view the Bosuns Club could clean the vessel up and that could be used. This seemed like a possible way to assist in the training programme.
The bosuns and the Bosuns Club are to investigate.

Well, I think I have bought you all up to speed. If you have read this far, thank you.
Just remember Covid-19 is still around so please remember social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

John Midolo, SoPYC Commodore