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ON WATER EVENTS - We’re Back In Business!

With the introduction of Phase 3 from Saturday 6th June and with the Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plans in place, South of Perth Yacht Club can now offer on-water competition commencing with the Keelboat Midweek Autumn Series on this Wednesday, 10th June. Please read on for specific event starting dates.


This Keelboat event will resume from this coming Wednesday 10th June, however as we have already lost half of the scheduled races, the remaining races in the Autumn Series will be non-consistency. The Midweek Autumn Series is now abandoned. Please see Notice to Competitors.


It's been a long time since we've seen any action in the pond, but that's all about to change. We hope to see you all back this Friday 12th June.


With the loss of 4 races already, the series will now consist of 8 races but will remain a series, starting on Sunday 21st June. We thank Canning Bridge IGA for their continued support and look forward to their generous hampers for the 3 Division winners!

Race 1 Sunday 03 May - Abandoned
Race 2 Sunday 17 May – Abandoned
Race 3 Sunday 31 May - Abandoned
Race 4 Sunday 07 Jun - Abandoned
Race 5 Sunday 21 Jun
Race 6 Sunday 05 Jul
Race 7 Sunday 02 Aug
Race 8 Sunday 16 Aug
Race 9 Sunday 16 Aug
Race 10 Sunday 30 Aug
Race 11 Sunday 06 Sep
Race 12 Sunday 20 Sep


Formerly known as the SOLO Winter Series, this popular invitational winter-long event consists of a series of standalone race days with back to back racing for selected Off The beach classes commencing on Sunday 28 June 2020. Invited classes will be assigned to groups and race on alternating race days. Look out for the Notice of Race dropping into your email Inbox very soon!

Day 1 Sunday 24 May - Abandoned
Day 2 Sunday 14 Jun - Abandoned
Day 3 Sunday 28 Jun
Day 4 Sunday 12 Jul
Day 5 Sunday 26 Jul
Day 6 Sunday 09 Aug
Day 7 Sunday 23 Aug


The format for this year’s Applecross Cup will be two half days of racing. Each class will be assigned to either day with presentations following racing each day.
Day 1 Saturday 12 September
Day 2 Sunday 13 September


Please scoll down for all information relating to time-trialling events.


Please be aware of current health advice on managing your safety and that of others. South of Perth Yacht Club has adopted the following principle of GET IN – PARTICIPATE - GET OUT.

In summary this means:
  • Arrive dressed and ready to sail
  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • Don’t share drinks or towels
  • Sharing of equipment should be avoided and if necessary, should be kept to a minimum
  • Ensure high contact items are properly cleaned
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people where reasonably practicable.
  • Follow the one person per 2 square metres rule to ensure sufficient physical distancing between participants
  • Contact Tracing records must be kept
  • Strongly recommend COVIDSafe App
Please note that the changerooms, showers and Centreboard Galley will not be available until notified otherwise.

Individual boat owners are encouraged to prepare their own Return to Sailing Plan, documenting how they are going to maintain a safe and clean environment onboard their vessel.


Skippers may like to consider contacting National Sanitization ( to arrange a complete boat clean. Boats up to 60ft charged a flat rate of $50. Call 1300 628 726.


In accordance with COVID Safety Requirements, Contact Tracing will be implemented until advised otherwise by State Health Authorities. Contact Tracing will be available electronically online for each Section mentioned below:


For all boats entered in the Midweek and Frostbite Series, you should have already
received a link via email to begin adding crew to your boat via TopYacht. This is the new Sign On when referred to in the Sailing Instructions.

Power Yachts

Each Skipper competing in a SoPYC run Power Yacht Time Trial will be required to
complete an online form including details for each person onboard. Click here for the link.

Off The Beach Boats

There will be a Sign On / Off for each boat competing in the Applecross Winter Series. For all double-handed boats, crew details must be added. A URL link will be included in the race documentation.

COVID HOTLINE - 13COVID (13 268 43)



Nominations for all on-water events can be done online via the Online Entries webpage – click here. Nominations submitted on paper will not be accepted.

Sailing Instructions and Course Sheets

A limited number of hard copies will be available in the usual location outside the On-Water Group office, however to avoid any necessary congregating, competitors are encouraged to download Sailing Instructions and course sheets from home.

Scoring Enquiries can be done online – click here

Paper Protest Forms will still be used, however skippers are asked to photograph their completed form and email to On Water Group – for action. Click here for the Protest Form.


Coronavirus – public information
COVIDSafe app


How to Handwash poster
How to Handrub poster
Keeping Your Distance poster
Start your engines (1)


We are very happy to announce that Club Time Trialing is back and starting on Saturday 27th June with the below mentioned changes.


Use in accordance with Phase 3 of WA Government advice and F&B protocols.


Each boat to comply with government requirements on social distancing (ie 2 sq m rule)
There is no need for competitor interaction with event organisers.
• Time is taken from widget on Sportspage.
• Changes to SI can be relayed by radio (in addition to posting on notice board).
• Start times on Sportspage as at present.
• Course details available on Sportspage and the SoPYC website
• Record all persons onboard via the Contact Tracing online form for each event.
Please click here.
Protests or requests for redress –
• Notify intent to the RO immediately by radio following the event
• Confirm by email within 4 hours of finishing time of last boat.


To assist with safe distancing, as many checks as possible to be allocated to land points
Clocks rarely required as checkpoint teams can use the widget on Sportspage and display time on their own smartphone. (But conventional clocks and voice recorders will be available.)

Cleanliness –
• Equipment bags to be laundered after each time trial
• Clocks, tape recorders, clipboards all to be wiped down after event and again pre-issue
• Issue of bags to be in accordance with “supermarket protocols” with bags distributed from the main door of the OWG office and floor marks to ensure distancing between successive crews.
• No in-house briefings. Please click below for the instructional video:
• Email option for all documentation to be offered as a preferred option to minimise need for in-person attendance.
• Checkpoint teams with smartphone voice recording capability, can exchange all information by email

Race Management:

Three person start team in the start box
Provisional results processed and posted after 7pm on the day of each event.
Review of recordings conducted by Regatta Officer and Power Admin during the week.
Checkpoint details – maps, timing sheets, etc., to be emailed to each checkpoint.
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