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Dear reader,
What a pleasure it is to be able to talk about positive things after all these weeks!

Premiere Mark McGowan announced today that licenced venues can open to 100 people per room in venues subject to some conditions – hygiene plans, maintaining distancing albeit 2m2 rather than 4m2 and service of alcohol without a meal but members still need to be seated when consuming beverages.

We will be opening the doors as soon as we can, looking toward Saturday 6th June.

The Management Committee are considering everything that needs to be done between now and then. On water activities can also commence on the basis that contact and non-contact sport has had the green light too; again subject to hygiene plans for these activities. The Quarterdeck refurbishment is progressing well and even at this early stage looks very different. One cloud over the opening is that the rain over the last two days has resulted in rainwater damage to the ceilings, floors and some of the other surfaces of the Yachties Bar. The damage is covered by our insurance and once the repair costs are approved, restitution will take a couple of weeks. We are in the fortunate position of having the Ward Room and Ball Room to use on reopening.

Look out for updates early next week as a bulletin or Coffee Pointers will have more information about the reopening of on water activities and F&B trading.

David Harries
SoPYC General Manager
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