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14 April 2020

Dear reader,
We hope you had an enjoyable, if not unaccustomed Easter. The SoPYC office is manned 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, if you need to speak to us. Please call us on 9364 5844.
E Midweek Racing
Virtual Midweek Racing Starts tomorrow


More things to do in the time of Covid-19

In our efforts to keep you busy while you are staying home, here are some more practical and not so practical links like podcasts, helpful information etc:-

Winners of last week's 'submit a photo' competition

Recipe for hardtack biscuits from the 1800's

Staying Home: Kids Books to Inspire Wanderlust

A selection of interesting Podcasts to keep you entertained

4 great books about true life isolation and survival

IGA launch priority shop for those self isolating

Another Beer Sale - Pick up April 24th 3-5pm

Another Beer Sale - Pick up April 24th 3-5pm
Due to the extended period the club will be closed, we are again selling our packaged beer from the cool room. LIMIT ONE CASE PER MEMBER Pre-orders only by credit card or vouchers. Please call Fiona Whife to purchase your beer.  Call Fiona on 0423 926 217 or email her on PICK UP will be from the Barnacle Bar, Friday April …
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On Water Group News 14 April 2020

VIRTUAL RACING TOMORROW! There is still time to register with VR Regatta and enter the SoPYC Midweek competitions. It's really not that hard. There are already 10 boats eagerly waiting for racing to kick off tomorrow (Wed 15 April), so join in the fun and begin your journey into the world of e-sailing. E-sailing now exists on the Club website …
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For current comprehensive advice and information we are providing the link below from the Australian Government advisory services. The site is updated daily.


Can I go boating?

We recommend if you don’t need to go out on your boat, then please don’t. Non-essential activities should be postponed or cancelled.
Please view State Government Directions on gatherings and social distancing.

Is there a ban on boating?

No, there has been no direction to prohibit people from going boating - but you should stay at home if the planned activity is non-essential.

Can I go kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking or take out my paddle craft?

Advice from the Federal and State Government is to stay at home unless shopping for food, going to work, exercising or attending a medical appointment. If you consider kayaking or paddling essential as a form of exercise, you should follow social distancing directions.

If boating is an essential activity, possibly for fishing or exercise, what do I need to remember?

The two-person rule applies unless you are boating with members of your family or those you live with. If boating with one person that you do not reside with, ensure you maintain social distancing (at least 1.5 metres apart). Use hand sanitiser where there is any contact with shared surfaces. If you are boating alone, please ensure you tell someone where you are going, check the weather and wear a life-jacket.

Should I do anything different at the SoPYC launch ramp?

Remember to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene at all times.

Are there restrictions on where I can go boating?

Skippers should be aware of the current notices to mariners, including those in place restricting access to Rottnest Island. There is also advice on travelling to and within Western Australia preventing vessels crossing regional boundaries.

Can I buy fuel or ice for my boat at SoPYC?

Yes. However, in line with Government advice, you should stay at home unless shopping for food, going to work, exercising or attending a medical appointment.

Can I still slip my boat & do maintenance at the hardstand?

Yes, SoPYC slipping and hardstand activities will continue at SoPYC. Please download the Lifting Data Sheet here and then call the Club bosun on
0412 528 270 to book your boat in.

The ice box and the fuel bowser at SoPYC are still in operation.

Are DoT maritime facilities open?

Yes. However, in line with Government advice, if your visit is not essential, please reconsider your need to attend.

Will there be a pause on DoT boat registrations?

No. DoT is continuing to process recreational boat registrations.

Club Access

The Main Clubhouse and Centerboard Clubhouses' are closed until further notice, the grounds and car park are still accessible with your member's key.

There will be 24 hour access to the bathrooms and showers via the eastern entrance near Jetty 4 car-park.

SoPYC Rubbish & Recycling Bins

The bins within SoPYC grounds are for Club use only! The schedule for emptying these bins has been reduced due to Covid-19, so please do not use the Club bins to throw out household items. For example the bins were emptied last Friday but now are full of carpet and household items so the Club is unable to throw anything away. Thank you for your assistance.

How can I pay my account?

I have received my statement by email or in the post. How can I pay it?

Accounts can be paid in the following way:
  • Over the phone using credit card
  • Bpay
  • Cheque
  • Online banking
Should you be unsure of how to pay over the phone or by BPay, please call one of the office staff who can help you through the process. Staff will be in the office from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and can be contacted on 9364 5844.

Last quarter's vouchers will now last until August 31st 2020. No Vouchers will be charged on April 1st 2020.

Thank you to our Sponsor of the Week

Grand Sponsor Only 1
R Marine Mandurah Primary Compressed

Servicing Riviera in WA. Proud Sponsors of SoPYC. New Listings Wanted.
Call the Mandurah Team today.

Contact: Carl Segreto Phone: 0407 949 293

Support Crew Roster

No help is currently required - Please keep an eye out here for when we are back racing again. Thank you.

Quarterdeck Restaurant Hours

The Clubhouse has closed for the foreseeable future due to restrictions from the government regarding the Covid-19 virus. Please call Fiona Whife on 0423 926 217 or the office on 9364 5844 if you have any future function enquiries.

Useful Contacts

9364 5844
Sailing Administrator
Scott Nunn
9364 5844 ext 242
Head Coach
Denis Jones
9364 5844 ext 240
Head Bosun
Robbie Wilson
0423 079 724
Marine Lift & Hard Stand Bookings
0412 528 270
After Hours Security
MCS Security Services
0413 362 877

Fuel Prices

The fuel bowser is still open

Premium Unleaded $1.05

Diesel $1.17

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