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March 2020

Covid 19 - who would have thought it would change the way we do business in the future! There we were, after having our temperatures taken by Dr Harries, sitting in a U shaped configuration in the wardroom, 1.5 meters apart, before we could make a start in what possibly will be the last face to face management meeting for some time. What became evident was the 1.5 meter separation seemed to make the meeting easier to control. It was easy to make eye contact without the usual chatter and the committee members needed to talk quite loudly to be heard. Maybe, a future improvement for board meetings.

With the Covid 19 virus high on the agenda we have decided to minimise our meetings with email and phone conversations which will take precedence. It was agreed we may have more time to revise policy documents. Phil Draber has kindly used his experience to devise a policy framework to suit the Club.
The committee, after much debate, have decided to defer the Club’s entire calendar. This includes the Half Yearly Meeting. We will be working behind the scenes so once we have the green light, we can make a speedy recovery.

The management minutes consists of 12 pages with the Treasurers’ report taking up 3 of those pages, but in all fairness, we are in budget 2020/21 mode.

Some of the good news
The month of February was better than budget across the board. The General Manager and Treasurer both spoke of the uncertain times ahead, and indicated that with sound management the club will be able to weather the next few months.
Our F&B has reported that inquiries for weddings are still coming in for 2021 and the cancellations for the next few months have or are being re-booked.

The bad news
We have over the past months experienced our 60 and 90 day debtors increasing., This was before the Virus alert and I’m not sure why.

In the media coverage over the past week I’ve noticed the various codes of Football Clubs reporting increased membership which is a great show of support for them. Yet, there are a growing number of our members using the club as a bank. Staff have been directed to communicate with members owing fees and subscriptions requesting prompt payment of outstanding accounts!

Yes, I know there will be difficult times ahead, but please don’t forget your Club requires constant maintenance to the infrastructure and even with the F&B side moth balled, there are ongoing costs.

All I ask is, that you please look through that pile of bills and drag the Clubs’ to the top and make payment. This will support the Club financially. After all, if we required to use our Line of Credit facility the costs will affect the whole membership!

Troy’s Committee has decided not to close membership applications completely but to look at applications as they come in. There would not be any formalities until the virus all clear is given.

With the closure of the club we intend to carry on cautiously with the planned Quarterdeck upgrade. The Centreboard Club House renovations have gone out to tender. We are also waiting for a start date for the Wave Attenuator. Approval has been given for the upgrade of the floor in the loading dock and a roof for weather protection.
With the virus alert we have had to stall the Bosun's Club decking project. I must say I was impressed with the response Brian had to the call for a work party for the deck replacement. Thank you.

Some of you may have noticed a couple of grey-haired chippies knocking a wall together to form the outer wall on the Bosun's Shed. Hopefully this will be completed in the coming weeks ready for use.

With the redundancies and stand downs occurring, we have anticipated there will be a rise in pilfering. There has already been an incident reported. The committee agreed to increase the night guards to two per night. This will give increased patrols both on land and the jetties.

From a member’s point of view, please remove any non-required valuable items, alcohol and, as one inventive member has, toilet paper, informing passers-by via a sign on their boat. Do come down and check your boat regularly - this will help to reduce theft. For members who are restricted to travel within a region, please call the Club and an inspection of your boat will be done on your behalf.

Pens and Moorings
Brian’s committee are happy to look at new pen applications and keep the pens full.
Pens and moorings, through Brian as chair, is putting in place online documentation to streamline the paper trail when applying for club facilities, so keep an eye out for this.
You will notice we now have a new Shore Power Policy, not sure how the virus will affect the implementation but keep an eye on Coffee Pointers

General business
There was lots of discussion in relation to the effect there would be on the club’s programme and how we would manage staffing. There was also mention of takeaway meals and alcohol, but we all agreed that the club’s location would not lend itself to this as well as managing access that would comply with government restrictions.

House Support Vouchers were also considered, and we agreed to extend the expiry date of the current quarter from 30 June until 30 September. Neither will the Club raise charges for the first quarter of the new financial year (July to September).

In closing, I hope you have taken the time to read all the bulletins we have sent out. There was a great deal of research and time spent on these to keep you informed. We will be keeping you all up to date through the weekly Coffee Pointers. The Club’s Facebook page will also have information updated regularly.
Keep an eye open for the “at cost” packaged beer sale which will be happening on Thursday 9th April. Members can participate by lodging pre-orders with Fiona Whife and using their unspent vouchers or making a credit card purchase.

On behalf of the committee I wish you all a Happy Easter, and where possible, a stress-free school holidays.

Keep your distance and stay safe.

John Midolo
SoPYC Commodore
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