Tuesday 25 June 2019- Issue 344

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Mid-week Autumn Series Race 9 - 1435hrs
Thursday 27 June 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $700
Friday 28 June 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Saturday 29 June 2019
Power Section - Ray D Carter Memorial Time Trial 1415hrs
Sunday 30 June 2019
IGA Frostbite Series Race 4 - 1355hrs
MEMBERS, please note that Annual Vouchers expire today, please come down
to the Club and use your vouchers for lunch or dinner before they expire.
Monday 1 July 2019
Racing Rules of Sailing Session: Rules 2 Q&A's 1800hrs
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Centreboards Committee Meeting 1830hrs
SS27s Committee Meeting 1930hrs
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CPYC State Heats 1 & 2. 22 June 2019

The predictions were correct for State Heat 2, the heavy rain and strong winds blew across Melville Water from mid-afternoon. The start team made the early call to cancel the event, to the relief of many. Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club's hosted presentation evening still went ahead. A delicious buffet dinner was enjoyed by over 100 attendees followed by dancing. …

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Ti-Tu Time Trial & Kindred Clubs Event 6 July 2019

Ti-Tu Time Trial & Kindred Clubs Event 6 July 2019
Ti-Tu Invitational at 1415hrs This trial is open to any power boat registered for competition with their home club. It is an "outright" event without handicaps and the Ti-Tu Trophy is presented to the boat with least points lost. Pennants are also awarded to the top three visiting boats. To nominate please email Followed by Kindred Clubs German 'July-Fest' …

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SoPYC Mess Night 2019

Mess Night 7pm Friday 12 July 2019 A time honoured, traditional function for all Members and their guests incorporating fine dining and formal Mess. Guest Speaker: Anika Smith, Department of Justice. Cost: $87 per person, all-inclusive. Dress: Mess kit, Black Tie, or Lounge suits, and Cocktail dress for the ladies. Bookings essential: Please call and RSVP to 9364 5844 or …

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Commodore's Ball Tickets Announced

Book your table with Club reception soon!
Club Logo Colour (Name Gold)


74th Annual General Meeting of South of Perth Yacht Club (Inc.)
To be held in the Senior Club House
on Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 8:15pm

Nominations are called for:
  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Rear Commodore (2)
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Committee Members (7)
Nominations are required in accordance with the Club Rules Clauses 33.2, 33.3, 33.4 & 33.5.
Nominations are to be lodged with the General Manager on the official Nomination Form no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday 7 August 2019. Forms and Declaration are available from the office, Members Portal or the SoPYC website (under club news) or may be emailed to a member on request.
The draw for Ballot positions will be conducted at 5:30pm on Wednesday 7 August 2019.
All members are entitled to attend the AGM however only financial Ordinary, Centreboard, Honorary Life, 60 Year Honorary and Country members shall be entitled to vote at this meeting.
Notices of Motion:
Are to be submitted by voting members in writing to the General Manager in accordance with the Rules and By Laws no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday 7 August 2019.
Absentee Voting:
Lodgment of Absentee Votes can be submitted to the General Manager between Monday 26 August 2019 and Monday 2 September 2019, during office hours. Absentee voting closes at 5:00pm.

David Harries


With the 2018/19 financial year coming to a close, we are in the process of membership renewals for the 2019/20 financial year. A letter will be sent to members outlining these items. For those members who are currently paying the quarterly voucher levy, we have two options for payment of these vouchers:

Option 1

You may OPT IN to pay the vouchers in a lump sum of $460 which will be valid for the upcoming 2019-20 year. Any unspent voucher amounts as of 30th June 2020 will revert to SoPYC.
Please advise in writing by 31st July 2019 that you are OPTING IN and confirming the payment to accompany your desire to pay for the full year in advance.

Option 2

You will continue to be charged quarterly for your vouchers. Any unspent amounts will revert to SoPYC at the end of each quarter.

Please notify the Club of your choice in writing here or email no later than Wednesday 31st July 2019.

The new Rules & ByLaws have specific requirements in relation to members contact information. To meet our obligation under the Rules we need to ensure that our records are up to date.
Firstly, members may nominate which address they wish to be available on any records that may be provided to members either in hard copy or on the members portal. This can be your street address, email, phone number etc. A postal address is also acceptable.
Secondly, for the use of SoPYC finance and admin staff only, your full residential address is required for club records as are your phone number and email address. You may provide a postal address also, nominating which address you prefer for Statements, publications and so forth to be directed to. Soundings is also available in electronic format through our website. Many members are receiving their statements by email. Please let us know which means of communication and notices you prefer, electronic or postal. Silent phone numbers will be recorded as such. This information will not be disclosed to members
If you have recently changed your contact details, i.e.; residential address, telephone, email, please advise the changes. Alternatively, you may update your contact information by using the Members Portal.

For all boat owners, SoPYC requires a certificate of Insurance for a number of purposes – pen occupancy (wet and land) rack storage and moorings as well as summer season and winter season nominations – sailing, off the beach and power.
This must be provided when your boat insurance is renewed. Your insurer will happily send the Certificate to SoPYC on your instructions. Club Marine are the exception. They have an app which can be used to provide the information to SoPYC.
This will assist us to have the correct information of all members for the 2019-2020 membership subscription and pen fee renewal.
If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,
Ashleigh Damore

Bosuns Club Update

I guess the question on most members' lips is “when will this start to operate”? I have subjected you all to a lot of surveys and I have used this information to establish a basic profile to gauge interest in the various areas to assist the Bosun Staff in their day to day operations. Out of 92 responses, unfortunately, we only had 68 interested members.
With these responses I have formed a committee and convened a meeting last week. From the meeting we agreed, at this early stage, to start with forming a database of personal and skills (Note: skills are only a guideline but not essential) The intention is to contact the interested parties and set up a workshop. I know this a long process and I do apologise.

How can I contact you?
I think the easiest method, from my point of view, would be for you to email me at or If you could do this I would very much appreciate your time.

A simple few points when e-mailing me are, please include your:
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Skills (only a guideline, not essential)
The committee was also keen to start with a basic team. This would involve a method to collate and process jobs, set out a method of allocating jobs and tracking the repairs. This could be a simple as a “whiteboard”, and this would start the ball rolling. As the team evolves we would expand the sections to suit.
At this stage we are still finalising an area to house the newly formed section, management is deliberating over this as we speak.
Some good news, Race Officer Phillip Draber has kindly donated a number of tools to start us off. These will be much appreciated so a big “Thank you!” to Phil.

John Midolo
Vice Commodore, SoPYC


Head Coach Report 25 June 2019

Hi everyone,

Reminder for sailors that this Sunday is the last training session until 4 August. So enjoy your winter break.

It’s been a case of strong storms and glass outs over the last week making training interesting. With the Huck Scott at Fremantle cancelled due to the strong winds, the Lasers, 29ers and a couple of 470’s still went out training in what was only 13 to 20 knots but really big and challenging swell from the North West.

Below image is of a few members of the state squad (WASS) halfway to Rottnest.
Image 1
Here’s an image of a nice gybe by South Perth’s Axel and Kieren, keeping on a wave face and surfing the whole gybe as fast as possible.
Image 2
Also another image Showing the Joyner brothers, deep in a swell then steering up and over, and sending as fast as possible down the back of the wave.
Image 3
Image 4
South Perth’s ,WA Coach of the year, Ben Walkemeyer was busy running the Australian Sailing Coach Course and was accredited as a Australian Sailing Senior Coach. Well done Ben!

Well done everyone for the stormy Applecross Cup on Sunday. Excellent job by the race team to get in 5 races across the Pelican’s, 125’s Flying 15’s and Windsurfers. In conditions that ranged from 5-20 knots and big swings.

Rick Steuart will I’m sure, have some cracking photos coming online shortly.

Keep Warm,
Denis Jones
Head Coach SoPYC
Updated Keelboat Presentation Night Photo Gallery 24 May 2019

Keelboat Prize Night 2019

Click on this link to see the updated photo gallery. Read more
Equipment Audit Forms
All submitted Equipment Audit Forms for the 2018-2019 season will expire on June 30th 2019 but before you all run off and print a new form, for this coming season you will have the option of completing forms Cat 1 to 7 online.
All SoPYC Keelboat skippers will have an account created in Yacht Safe in coming weeks which will allow them to complete, submit electronically and contact an Auditor. Skippers, Event Organisers and Auditors will all have online access to submitted forms.
Skippers can continue to provide a paper copy of the form and On Water Group will enter the data for you, however as the system is very easy to use, skippers are encouraged to try it out for themselves.
In the meantime, you do not need to action anything just yet. Further advice will be coming in the next few weeks.

Schedule of Events 2018 - 2019
Keep up to date with all the latest event information with the online Schedule of Events – click here.
Geraldton Ocean Classic Race & Rally – Saturday 12 October 2019
Entries are now being taken for the 51st IMR Technologies Geraldton Ocean Classic. The race from Fremantle to Geraldton includes race 1 of the covered Siska Trophy series and marks the start of the offshore summer season. For those considering entering the Fremantle to Bali race and rally starting on 9 May 2020, this year’s Geraldton is a qualifying event
View Entrants – click here
For full details – click here

Crew Finder Online
Skippers looking for crew or sailors looking for regular crew spots can utilise the online Crew Finder. It is the ‘to go’ place for Members and one of the most viewed pages on our website.
Those with sailing experience are directed to this site – please click here.

Discover Sailing Experiences
Sailing experiences are suitable for those that have very little or no prior sailing experience and just want to give it a go before committing as regular crew. Learn the basics of how to make a Keelboat go and how to fit in as crew.
This is available at no charge for Club Members and non-members. To register, please click here

Volunteer Roster
SoPYC has utilised an online volunteer roster for the past 2 years and now intend to expand its scope to include the Centreboard Galley, Support Duty (yachting events) and Checkpoint Duty (Time Trials) rosters. The main benefit to Club Members is that the latest information is always accessible and interactive. This will be implemented over the next few months in stages allowing plenty of time for further information to be provided to Members. The roster can be accessed via the Volunteer webpage. If Members wish, they can create a profile now or one will be created for you in due course.

Memberpoint App
An App for all Members is available to download for free on your smartphone or tablet.
Have access to the many handy functions: Crew Finder, Crew Profile, Member’s Directory, view your POS Accounts, view your voucher Accounts, update your membership details, Club News and Events, Push Notifications, Club Calendars and weather plus receive instant alerts!
Available on all Android and Apple devices, just look for the icons similar to those below:
18 June
Winter Frostbite Series (5)
Racing Rules 2
Racing Rules 1
First Aid Course (3)
Marine Safety has released a new page on its website focusing on “Safety lanyards”

The page has been developed to promote the increased wear of the safety feature due to a number of incidents in WA that may have been avoided with the use of a safety lanyard which automatically stops a vessel’s motor if the skipper falls overboard or leaves the steering position.

A safety lanyard, also known as a kill switch, has a quick-release fitting at one end attached to the vessel motor or console and at the other end is a clip attached to the skipper. The coiled design allows the driver the natural movement required when driving a boat. Sudden movement away from the driving position means the lanyard will detach and the engine will stop.

When attaching the clip to the skipper, special care needs to be taken to ensure it stays attached. Marine Safety recommends you loop the lanyard around your wrist, leg or ankle and attach the clip to secure it. If the clip is attached to clothing it could fall off.
safety lanyards
Department of Transport
Marine Safety Hotline: 13 11 56
Cruising Logo
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Cruising Calendar 2019 July

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 29 June, 2019
SHORT CIRCUIT Jerome Rousset
AEOLUS Brett Molinara
MARTINE David Cole

Saturday 6 July, 2019
IT’S ALL GOOD Daniel Shields
INVINCIBLE II Angelo Tatulli
PRIME NUMBER Damian Arkeveld
IGAWA David Atkinson
ARIEL Glen Pederson
CHAMOMILLA Michael Rosaman
PLATYPUS 2 Michael Aarons
KISS MY ASP Terrence Foster

Saturday 13 July, 2019
JODIE ANNE Christopher Mills
KATMANDU Jeffrey Winspear
WICKED Richard Evans
MINGARA George Ruul
INTRINZIC John Connell
TRUANT Kris Czarzasty

Saturday 20 July, 2019
SUGARSHIP Graeme Ferguson
V-1 Sam Valado
IDLE TIME Heidi Miller
YO Gavin Lucas
CHERYL FAYE John Sweeting

Saturday 27 July, 2019
LOLA John Hladdin
SEATIPS Paul Roberts
ARAJILLA David Gilham
REVERIE Alan Polglaze
SHOGUN Geoffrey Banks
KOOMELA Mark Walters
SPECTRE Michael Kennedy
SEAMIST VI Craig Feakes
KARINA Paul Rees
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Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.47

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.45

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Monday & Tuesday Lunch 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday Lunch & Dinner 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's Lunch & Dinner 1200hrs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
MCS Security Services (after hours) phone number: 0413 362 877
Marine Lift & Hard Stand Bookings phone number: 0412 528 270
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