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September 2019

Since becoming Commodore, I have been keen to keep members informed of the activities and tasks that the Management Committee deals with on a monthly basis. I am pleased to report that the Management Committee has agreed that we should share an overview of the monthly management meeting with the membership. This is the first of my communications which will be conveyed to members after each monthly meeting.

The September meeting started with fifteen minutes of general discussion with only the members of the Committee present, followed with a three-hour meeting covering the previous meeting's Action List.

Review of Strategic Plan.
Due to illness of our facilitator Brian Atkinson, the September meeting, which was to be the second session, has been postponed until November. This session will review the first session conducted in July 2019. Our first session covered such things as the Mission Statement, where we should be in 2025, and the Master Plan. The final review will be completed by the end of 2019.

With the new Rules and ByLaws in place, the Committee will be focusing on updating Club policies and amalgamating the ByLaws that were contained within the old Constitution, Rules and ByLaws. Now we have the new Management Committee in place, we will form a committee to oversee this process with the first meeting being held in the near future.

There has been a push to make the signage at the club more inviting with the Management Committee deciding to remove the “Members Only” sign on the front gate, ensuring the “Members only parking sign” remains prominent. An overall review of Club signage is ongoing to provide appropriate signage.

There has also been a discussion about introducing appropriate protocols to recognise “Welcome to Country” on specific occasions within the Club calendar. This was left on the table to further review the formal proceedings.

Treasurer, Brad Abbott was on holiday and was an apology. Briefly, August’s results were better than Budget, and Function Forecasts are strong as we head into the busy trading period.

SoPYC Branding
Our Chairman of Sponsorship kindly offered her expertise to look at our branding of the Club. She has produced an updated motif for our stationery. This will also enable us to incorporate changes for our 75th anniversary year in 2020. The House Committee has looked at producing a burgee to represent the various sections of the Club. The Committee approved the next stage which is to ask the sections to choose between two new motifs. Once the approval process is complete, we will formally adopt them into our policy documents.

The new branding motifs are available to view on the Club website, on the member portal landing page after logging in, or via this link:-

Telephone Etiquette
At the last AGM there was a question in General Business about the use of mobile phones. The Committee debated this with the outcome being, as we are a family-based club, mobile phones are an important part of family communication and we believe that adopting a common-sense approach and educating members on the Clubs’ protocol is appropriate. Notices will be put in Coffee Pointers and we will also mention appropriate phone etiquette on race result days.

Boat show
We had a good attendance at our booth, and with the other two major river Clubs not participating in the Discover Sailing Tackers program, the result is that our Club will be the only Club with access to the Australian Sailing database from the show. The staff have made notes on improvements to the booth for next year. The general consensus is that we should use this as a lead up to our Club Open Day, as there was reluctance by prospective members to sign up until they had seen and experienced the Club’s facilities.

The Chairman of Membership presented the New Members Induction Powerpoint presentation, with the Committee agreeing the information needs a serious overhaul. This will be undertaken by the Membership Committee and re-presented in due course.

The hardstand concrete cracking has been an issue for some time having been identified at the defect’s inspection at the conclusion of the project. The warranty claim is now in the contractors’ hands to advise the Engineer on a suitable method of repairs. The club will be monitoring this closely.

The new decking for jetty 3 has been approved. The purchase order will be placed next week for the materials, and the Bosuns Club will start installing it when materials are on site.

The drafting of plans for the Quarterdeck renovations have commenced and we are commencing discussions with the City of Melville Council, with the assistance of a private building surveyor, to work through the planning and building applications.

The Bosuns Club have submitted three prices for a shed to be erected where the Marine Trimmers temporary accommodation was. The Treasurer with the Finance Committee will be looking at the proposal.

The Wave Attenuator repairs contract documents have been finalised and ready to be signed which I anticipate will happen in the next few weeks with works starting thereafter

A Maintenance Assets Register has been completed in a spreadsheet form. The Works Chairman is looking to see if this can be transferred to a software programme that can be easily monitored by the Bosuns Club.

On a final note, the Duyfken returns to the Club on 8th November for the summer season and there will be up to 25 Sharpies expected during the Moth Worlds, which are hosted by Mounts Bay between 9th and 18th December 2019. The Sharpies will be housed around the Centreboard Clubhouse and they will be racing out of our Club during this period.

John Midolo
SoPYC Commodore
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