Tuesday 20 August 2019 - Issue 352

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 21 August 2019
Mid-week Winter Series Race 5 - 1435hrs
New Members Induction Evening 1830hrs
Thursday 22 August 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $1100
Bosuns Club Meeting 1800hrs
Works Committee Meeting 1800hrs
Friday 23 August 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Friday Night Special - A Pint of Fat Yak & Parmy or Pizza for $25 - 1800hrs
Saturday 24 August 2019
Power Section Time Trial - Graeme Hood Memorial Trophy - 1400hrs
Sunday 25 August 2019
No Club Racing
Monday 26 August 2019
SS22's Committee Meeting 1830hrs
Tuesday 27 August 2019
Management Committee Meeting 1800hrs

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CPYC State Championship Time Trial Heat 4.

17 August 2019

Amazon takes out First place in CPYC State Heat 4 Another good result for SoPYC, winning the teams event and first and third places outright. Steve Wall and Amanda Watson on Amazon took out first and least points of 10 while John and Lynne Cooper on Purrfect taking out 3rd place with 12 points. The course was brand new, …
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Amazon First Heat 4 0725sml

2019 AGM - Information for Election of Management Committee Members

  • The AGM will take place on Wednesday 4th September commencing at 8.15pm.
  • Voting will commence in the Committee Room at 7.00pm and close at 8.15pm.
This year there are eight nominations for the seven committee positions on the Management Committee so an election will take place. The names of the members nominating for the seven available Management Committee positions and their CV’s are published in the Year Book which is expected to be the letterboxes of members on or before 28th August 2019. Details of the members standing for election to the Management Committee are posted on the Yachtsman's Bar Notice Board and the Club Notice board in the Eastern (admin office) foyer. Member CV’s are also posted on the admin foyer Notice Board.

Absentee Voting opens at 9.00am on Monday 26th August 2019, and closes at 5.00pm on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. Absentee ballot papers may be collected from the Admin office during office hours. For those members who may be away from home during the eight days that Absent Votes can be lodged, we can arrange to post ballot papers to you upon provision of a pre-addressed express envelope (national or international) which can be posted back to SoPYC by closing time on 3rd September 2019. Members wishing to lodge an absentee vote need to sign the voting Register upon collecting their absentee ballot paper.

Department of Transport Mooring Issue

Dot Moorings located adjacent to Mends Street Jetty – caution may be required in this area.

We have received a report from a member about severe propeller damage to his vessel having hit an underwater obstruction moving away from a DoT mooring at Mends Street. The damage has been reported to DCBA, Rivers Division, staff who are investigating the mooring and surrounds for underwater obstructions. The member was moored on the western-most mooring and was motoring at slow speed in an easterly direction to the channel leading to Elizabeth Quay. Approximately 5m-8m from the mooring, the starboard propeller struck an underwater obstruction, resulting in serious damage to the blades. Should members be using the mooring, please do so with caution. We will be informed of the outcome of the investigation once completed.
David Harries
General Manager
Friday Winter Special vs2


Yacht Safe – Equipment Audit Forms
Keelboat Skippers that regularly participate in racing would have received an email from Yacht Safe reminding of the need to complete and submit the relevant Equipment Audit form prior to the new season.
Now there are two ways this can be done:
Skippers that prefer to try Yacht Safe, need to first activate their account. The first email Yacht Safe sent to Skippers at least a month ago included their username and password together with the activation link. Please sift through your emails to find it.
Forms submitted via Yacht Safe are saved there forever allowing easy referral if necessary.

Keelboats racing on the river require the Cat 7 form. Keelboats participating in the Billy Run to TCYC will require Cat 6. Off The Beach boats are required to complete the Special Regs Part 2 form.

To be eligible to race, forms need to be submitted prior to your first race of the 2019-2020 season.

Safety & Sea Survival Course
The SSS course at FSC starting Tuesday 17 September is already fully booked!
Anyone intending to compete in the Geraldton Ocean Classic and still needs to either complete the full course or do a refresher, there may still be an opportunity.
Please contact FSC Sailing Manager, Travis Burtenshaw.
Phone: 9435 8821 Email:
Freo course
Tackers Learn to Sail (Final A)sml

Head Coach Report 20 August 2019

Technique Correction
Over the last week we have been modifying key components to teaching fundamental posture and tacking technique. I want to thank the Opti Intermediate and Green fleet sailors and coaches for embracing the change.
The sailors really enjoyed it and without knowing were learning some really key skills to help them progress faster.
The coaches also enjoyed the changes as it prevents having to correct bad technique at later stages and solves a number of frustrations. We still have a little tweaking to do before rolling out, but these types of small changes make a huge difference to the progress and confidence of sailors.
1 Technique Change
This change is one that come out of a Coaches conference a couple of weeks ago and will eventually go into the Australian Sailing Tackers program. We at South Perth are simply getting ahead of this official change.

No Wind for Pelicans last Sunday
No problem everyone enjoyed a SUP up to the Canning Bridge and back. Well done team.
2 Pelican SUP
Learn to Sail Programs enrolments are now open
These course are called “Tackers 1 and 2” and are fully compliant with the Australian Sailing Tackers syllabus. However, we will be adding a lot more to help sailors get more out of the program as part of our overall Structured Learning Methodology.

A lot of parents ask me what is the ideal age to start. I would say most sailors start at 8 years old. This usually means they are confident swimmers which helps their sailing confidence. Some start earlier and that is fine, but I would suggest making those early years less frequent and more fun. So if it is cold or there are other things on, it’s fine to miss a session.

Starting a little later is also fine but it’s best to go through the program with similar aged sailors, as it is simply more fun.

Starting later around 12 is still possible but requires more effort to catch up. The sailors may be at the same level as an 8-year-old which may affect their confidence, so it needs to be managed.

Starting after 12 requires a different program as sailors will generally be going through major growth spurts and fitting into bigger classes without the fundamental skills is a challenge. Still definitely possible, but needs management. The OutThere program is a fun way to start and we have a pathway in mind if sailors want to progress and catch up.

OutThere Sailing
Entries are still open for OutThere Sailing, for the next two Fridays. This is an option to get 12-17 year olds into on water activities or bring back sailors that may have left after sailing junior classes. We will also run in the Summer period which may suit many people who don’t like the cold water.
3 OutThere Sailing at SoPYC Banner
Please see the below link for an entry into the Experience Out There Sailing program running for the next 2 weeks (on Friday afternoon).

Summer feels close today. 22 degrees!
The Warren Jones International Youth Regatta will be celebrating its' 18th Birthday in 2020!

Hosted by the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, 2020's Warren Jones Regatta will be sailed from Monday, 27th through to Friday, 31st January as part of the 2020 City of Perth Festival of Sail.

Applications are open to males and females under 25 years of age as at Friday, 7th February 2020, from any nation, as long as they are members of a yacht club. Local skippers will be selected through qualifying events - interest must be expressed in order to be eligible. Full eligibility requirements are featured in the Notice of Race.

Event Organisers are currently accepting Expressions of Interest to fill the twelve entry positions for the event's eighteenth year. All Expressions of Interest are to be completed online via the Swan River Sailing website.
The Expression of Interest period will close at 5pm WST on Friday, 14th September 2019.
Fathers Day Menu 2019Vs2
Get Involved With Moth Worlds 2019 (1)

Just two more Racing Rules sessions left!

Racing Rules 1
YWA Logo (002) - 2017
I am pleased to confirm that at the Yachting WA AGM last evening all Agenda Items were passed including the election of the board which now includes;

Office Holders
President – Rob Rooke
Vice President – Mark Nicholas
Treasurer – Michael McAullay

Board Members
Gina Pickering
Jessica Patterson
Paul Arns
Phil Warwick

Congratulations to all with a special welcome to Phil Warwick.

I take this opportunity to thank the retiring directors Garry Morrison, Gordon Blaauw and Peter Kennington for their support and valuable contribution over the many years of their involvement, well done.

During the forthcoming year, my agenda will be focussed on refreshing our WA-centric Safety and Race Officials Committees, creating and delivery of a Value Proposition for our Power Boat community, increased funding and education and growth of our certified volunteer resource. Another item on our Agenda are where appropriate will be to assist our members in enhancing good Governance and Performance Management practices, as an example we are exploring the potential of conducting Like with Like group sessions between Clubs and Associations at peer to peer level.

Finally and in the light of the many changes we have seen over the last 4 years, your new board will be reviewing the YWA strategic plan at its next meeting on 16th September, so if you feel you have some input in this regard please contact any of your board before that date.

Looking forward to a great year.

Rob Rooke
President, Yachting Western Australia
Cruising Logo
Upriver Cruise 2019 small

Get the Team App "AHOY" to follow all the Cruising section's events online.


Please don’t try to feed them or their cygnets as they are vegetarians and have plenty of food available in the neighbouring shallow waters around the club.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your young children and ensure that they are warned not to go near either the swans or their young. Please keep away from the swans as it could cause them to become aggressive. Observe them from a distance and enjoy the sight of the truly unique specimens of the black swan of Western Australia.

Look forward to the next few months as the cygnets hatch and the club becomes home to the newest pair of parents on the river.
Nesting Swans vs3 (1)
Sari Ladies Luncheonvs2sml
Diva Show vs3

Checkpoint Duty Roster 2019

Saturday 24 August 2019
SEADHUCER Geoff Simmons
AUSTIN’S POWER Darren Austin
NEVERMIND Todd Forknall
REVERIE Alan Polglaze
MINSTRAL Peter Moore
PIPE DREAM II Garry Millett
ABEELAS Brian Saleeba
FINOVOLA Murray MacLean
LADY CLAIRE Brian Easterbrook

Saturday 31 August 2019
ENDLESS SUMMER Michael Holtham
MEROO Joe Curtis
FARRAGO Petrus Vlaar
SERENITY John Leccesse
ADINA Andrew Tait
TANDERRA Tony Rikkers

Saturday 7 September 2019
HIGH SEAS Thomas Vermeltoort
HAMSA Michael Matthews
SHANKARA Stephen Broadhurst
MARSHALL LAW Wayne Marshall

Saturday 14 September 2019
VITA E BELLA Jakobus Ferreira
MURLYN Steven Whitmore
GOANNA Martin Houchin
ORACLE David Gillett
SHAKEDOWN Lachlan Hatch
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Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.46

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.48

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Monday & Tuesday Lunch 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday Lunch & Dinner 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's Lunch & Dinner 1200hrs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
MCS Security Services (after hours) phone number: 0413 362 877
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