Member & Non-Member Food & Beverage Pricing

At the AGM on 5th September, Members were asked to provide an indication of their views about the introduction of a Members and Non-Members food and beverage pricing scheme.

The feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of the proposal to introduce Member and Non- Member pricing.

We are writing to notify members that the proposed two-tier or Member and Non-Member pricing was adopted by the Management Committee and is effective from Monday 1st October, 2018.

The pricing structure will work in the following way;
  • Beverage and dining prices will rise by 10% from Monday 1st October, 2018. Function pricing will be priced as per the current packages on offer.
  • Members will automatically have a 10% discount applied to their purchases when they use their FOB key (member key) at the point of sale.
  • Members without their FOB keys must present their Membership Card at the time of the transaction to receive the 10% discount.
  • The discount will not be applicable without either the FOB key or your Membership Card (which should be carried by Members at all times).
  • Any person unable to demonstrate they are bona fide members of the Club will be obliged to pay the new Non Member prices for any purchases they make at the Club.
South of Perth Yacht Club