Proposed City of Melville Road and Traffic changes affecting Canning Beach and Kintail Roads
The City of Melville has received Black Spot Program funding to upgrade the intersection at Kintail Road, Canning Beach Road and Canning Highway in Applecross. This intersection has one of the highest numbers of crashes of any intersection managed by the City, with more than 42 recorded crashes over the last five years.

The funding has been provided to extend the median island on Kintail Road to prevent right-hand turns onto Canning Beach Road from Canning Highway. Motorists turning right from Canning Highway will still be able to access Canning Beach Road by using the roundabout at the intersection of Moreau Mews and Kintail Road. The project is scheduled to take place in May/June 2019 and is expected to take one week.

Once complete, we believe these modifications will cause substantial disruption to traffic flow, which is already congested at peak times and significantly increases additional traffic into surrounding roads.

There seems to be limited consultation with residences and businesses regarding this change!

In 2012, 3,000+ vehicles per day were measured using Canning Beach Road. All of these vehicles will now be channelled into Kintail Road and then fed back to Canning Beach Road via narrower streets like Moreau Mews and Carron Road in order to access homes, businesses, South of Perth Yacht Club, the Heathcote Precinct, Raffles Hotel and Applecross Foreshore.

We are concerned with a number of issues this may cause, such as:-
  • A significant increase in traffic redirected into Kintail Rd and then feeding through the narrower streets which will increase traffic build up and cause even more delays.
  • The difficulty for emergency vehicles to access the area.
  • Road blockages - in particular via Moreau Mews where it is already difficult and very dangerous as it is reduced to one lane with parked vehicles.
  • These modifications do not seem to allow for the impact the increase in population will bring from the new Sabina Apartments and proposed Promenade Apartment development.
All road users in the area appreciate that the intersection is an accident black-spot and some changes need to be made. However, we would like to see more consultation between the City of Melville and the residents & businesses in the affected area before proceeding with any modifications.

This letter was written on behalf of concerned residents who would like to be better informed and have our concerns heard by the City of Melville BEFORE any work commences.

If you would also like to be better informed and have your concerns heard please email Carol Harper your contact details so that she can exchange information and take action as required as a collective group.

We plan to take our concerns directly to the City of Melville, our local government representative and the Melville Community Newspaper. The more people we have who register their concerns the more power we will have to be heard.

Please send your email address to:
Here is the link to the Facebook group ARCAT (Applecross Residents Concerned About Traffic.)

Carol Harper - Resident at the Raffles Waterfront, Member of the Council of Owners
Jen Johns - Facility Manager, Raffles Waterfront
Letter to local community affected by Kintail Road X Canning Beach Road Intersection Modification
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