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Tuesday 26 March 2019 - Issue 331

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Sailability 1000hrs - Confirmed
Mid-week Summer Series Race 12. 1435hrs
Cruise in Company (sunset 19:12) 1800hrs
Thursday 28 March 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $2,500
Friday 29 March 2019
CU@SUNSET Party 1800hrs Tickets Required BOOK NOW!
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Saturday 30 March 2019
Saturday Summer Series Race 16. 1325hrs
Sunday 31 March 2019
OTB Club Championship Day 8. 1325hrs
Monday 1 April 2019
Security Committee Meeting 1830hrs
Tuesday 2 April 2019
Centreboards Committee Meeting 1830hrs
SS27's Committee Meeting 1930hrs

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Head Coach Update

Exciting times ahead, applications for the Head Coach have closed. Looking at the response there have been quite a few excellent applicants. The selection panel will be convening to start interviews over the next week or so, with the view to have the new coach on board in the not too distant future. This will ensure the existing programs will continue and bring new ideas to enhance your training.
Coach Boat
Cruising Logo

Pirate Raid on FSC 23 March 2019

SoPYC Pirate Raid on Fremantle Sailing Club Blowing his bagpipes confidently, our own pirate Greg Power, bravely led the march into battle to raid Fremantle Sailing Club for the coveted Pirate Chest! With swords, cutlasses and water pistols drawn, our crew of pirates including lots of kids, teenagers and adults, waded into the fray. The fierce pirates from SoPYC, FSC …

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IMG 0781

CU@Sunset is dedicated to the Club dining & marquee areas so there will be no general dining in the Quarterdeck this Friday. Book your tickets for CU@Sunset by calling Claire on 9364 5844

CU@Sunset Reminder 3

Ocean Racing Report 26 March 2019

Roland Smith Ocean Race – Thrills or Spills? The penultimate Bluewater race of the season "Roland Smith Ocean Race" was held last Saturday in blustery but otherwise fine conditions. This race is an 80 mile beat to Mandurah and a wild kite ride back around Rottnest with the fleet mostly home either side of twilight. The fleet started with 14 …

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F15 Logo

Flying Fifteen Report 26 March 2019

A very crowded sailing program covering most of the weekend and sailed in a broad range of conditions. Results are best viewed at for Sunday afternoon’s sailing and at for the pre-States regatta held on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Special mention needs to be made of the masterful display of helmsmanship on board She Who Must Be Obeyed as Kevin Griffiths piloted her to victory in the annual crew's race which was the first race on Sunday afternoon’s program. John Hassen must have been taking notes as he won the third race when it was his turn to steer.
The boys on Yes, No, Maybe had a slightly different strategy for the crew's race with Mike Dunbar thinking that the addition of a long-haired wig would have him pass for the normal skipper, Jen. Mike doesn’t really have the legs to pull that one off!

The fanfare was understated for the launching of the newest boat to our fleet and, indeed, to our club, as Sandy Dunn slipped number 4064 – Fly In The Ointment into the “ointment” on Saturday morning. It’s not often that we see a new boat fresh out of the box and Sandy and Greg will be on a steep learning curve for the rest of the season.
Two more Club Championship heats next week and with just over 3 weeks until the State Championships in Esperance, a reminder that entries close this Friday.
CP ff photo Mar25
Launching the newest boat in the club – Sandy Dunn (left) and Greg Howell

Praise and thanks for the volunteers of the Annual Parkinson's twilight sail!

Parkinsons Thank you Letter
Parkinsons Certificate
Page from Thank you letter SoPYC

Geraldton Yacht Club's Balcony Christening!

Last Saturday marked the opening of the new balcony extension at the Geraldton Yacht Club. Headed by Mike Giles, who doubled as the bus driver, a contingent of some 20 members of both SoPYC and FSC travelled to Geraldton to be part of the occasion and share some time with old friends. In addition to Mike Giles, the SoPYC contingent included Todd Walsh, Cherry Callcott, John Wilson and Robbie Smith and it was great to see old faces like Doggsy and Rob Baker among the Fremantle contingent. By all reports, the balcony is truly attractive and should become a great asset to GYC.
Power Logo 3 High Res Png

Pre-season Cocktail Party 12 April 2019

South of Perth Yacht Club's Power Section invites all Members & guests to their PRE-SEASON COCKTAIL PARTY. When: 7pm Friday 12th April 2019 A sophisticated evening to catch up with friends before the Power Season starts. Live music by Chelsea Gibson. Tickets: $42 for a sumptuous cocktail food and a complimentary beer, wine, sparking or soft drink on arrival. Dress: Men, …

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Anzac Day Service 2019

Parking in the Hardstand area

It is important that all members who are using the western hardstand or launch ramp do not block other vessels as depicted in the images below. If you have used the ramp and do not have an allocated hardstand bay, members are to park their trailer and/or vessel within the allocated lines casual bays and park their car in the car park. If you have been allocated a hardstand bay, your car must be parked in the car park after your trailer has been put back in your bay. This allows everyone to access their boats with ease, cars with boats and trailers to freely move through the hardstand and give more members the opportunity to leave their trailer and/or vessel in the parking area. If vehicles and trailers are not parked correctly a wheel clamp will be applied.

Image 2
Image 1


Championship Weekend

This Saturday marks the final of the 2018/2019 Club Championship. Check out the leaderboard for each fleet below:
Division 1
Cole 32
SS22 (Final Champ race 13 April)
Red Witch
Viper 640

Off The Beach
Off The Beach classes are having their penultimate Club Championship race on this Sunday.
Club Championship Series scores are available by clicking here.

Notice to Competitors – Saturday 6th April 2019
This race remains as a non-consistency race, however, the starting location will be mid-river and not at the Box as originally scheduled. For full details, please click here.
Notice to Competitors – Sunday 7th April 2019
The Off The Beach program for Sunday 7th April 2019 will be a non-consistency race starting at the Box and using Club Courses.
Please click here for the Notice to Competitors.
Please click here for the Supplementary Sailing Instructions.
Pursuit Racing
Following some positive feedback from last Saturday’s pursuit racing using the new and permanent LED Timer at the Start Box, additional pursuit style races are planned for Wednesday afternoons. Further details will be made available very soon.
Will your GPS still work after April 6th?
On 6 April 2019 there will be a GPS Week Counter Rollover. Now is a good time to check your system - particularly if it's an older one. This isn’t the first time a roll-over has occurred, so we know that most GPS devices will not be affected. The last rollover was in 1999. If you have an older GPS device then there is a chance that it may be impacted and not provide the correct time or position. Now is the time to do an update of the firmware, and check with the manufacturer to see if your GPS may be affected. The Australian Cyber Security Centre explains more - Click here:
Tackers Courses April
Keelboat Course flyer march 2019
Power Boat Training 1 A4

On Behalf of Rules Chairperson - Christina Heydon, National Judge


RRS 14 Avoiding contact - A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible.
However, a right-of-way boat or one entitled to room or mark-room
  • need not act to avoid contact until it is clear that the other boat is not keeping clear or giving
room or mark-room, and
(b) shall be exonerated if she breaks this rule and the contact does not cause damage or injury.

My comments: All Boats shall avoid contact – not just the keep clear boat.
The following case has been around a long time. Please read it. No pictures this week!
When a Protest Committee hears evidence at the hearing these are some of the comments that are made:
(1) “they did not hail “starboard”,
(2) “I did not see the other boat and they did not hail starboard”,
(3) “I did not see the other boat and anyway we were on starboard”,
most boats do hail and advise the other boat that they are there!
When you are in the vicinity of the starting area or a mark rounding you really, really need to have a “look out” person and you need to be “aware” of what is happening around you. You need to call “starboard” or “overlap/no overlap”, you need to make the other boat “aware” that you are there!

CASE 107
Rule 14, Avoiding Contact
Rule 44.1, Penalties at the Time of an Incident: Taking a Penalty
Rule 64.1(b), Decisions: Penalties and Exoneration

During the starting sequence, a boat that is not keeping a lookout may thereby fail to do everything reasonably possible to avoid contact. Hailing is one way that a boat may ‘act to avoid contact’.
When a boat’s breach of a rule of Part 2 causes serious damage and she then retires, she has taken the applicable penalty and is not to be disqualified for that breach.

  1. Between the preparatory and starting signals, Ephesian on starboard tack and Jupa on port tack approached each other head-to-head.
  2. Both boats were heavy keelboats, 33 feet (10 m) long.
  3. Neither boat was aware of the other.
  4. The bowmen on both boats, who normally would have been stationed by the forestay, were handling their genoas, and no other crew members were keeping a lookout.
  5. Ephesian was moving slowly with limited maneuverability.
  6. They collided, causing serious damage to Jupa, who therefore retired.
  7. In the resulting protest, Jupa was DSQ under RRS 10, and Ephesian was DSQ under RRS14.
  8. Ephesian appealed, claiming that she could not have avoided Jupa by changing course or speed.
  1. RRS14 begins ‘A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible.’ This requirement means a boat must do everything that can reasonably be expected of her in the prevailing conditions to avoid contact. This includes keeping a good lookout while sailing in the starting area during the starting sequence, a time when boats are often close to one another and frequently change course.
  2. The protest committee concluded that if either boat had seen the other a collision could have been avoided, even at the last minute, particularly if Ephesian had hailed Jupa when it was clear that Jupa was not changing course to keep clear. Until that moment, rule 14(a) allows a right-of-way boat to delay acting to avoid contact. It follows that at that moment she must begin to act in an effort to avoid contact. The word ‘act’ is not restricted to changing course or speed. Hailing was an action that Ephesian could and should have taken. Ephesian broke RRS14. Because the collision resulted in damage, the protest committee’s decision to disqualify Ephesian was correct (see RRS14(b) and 64.1). Her appeal is therefore dismissed.
  3. Clearly, Jupa broke RRS10. As a result of the serious damage she suffered in the collision, she retired from the race and thus took the applicable penalty (see RRS44.1(b)). RRS64.1(b) prohibits penalizing her further. The disqualification of Jupa is reversed and she is to be scored RET.

Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Sailing at SoPYC

Every Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm the Club is conducting races for DragonFlite95 (DF95) radio controlled yachts. You are invited to come and participate in the fun of racing these restricted one-design yachts. There are currently twenty-three DF95's belonging to members of SoPYC and they will be happy to hand over the controls for you to 'have a go'. A DF95 …

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Club Fuel Prices Today imagejpeg

Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.44

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.46

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 30 March 2019
EMELSEA Lyndon Rowe
Ralph Newton

Sunday 31 March 2019
REBOUND John Fenton

Saturday 6 April 2019
BONECRUSHER Matthew Van Riessen
CARMA Mark Harper

Sunday 7 April 2019
CHAR-TAY Chris Somas
GOLDEN EYE David Purnell

Saturday 13 April 2019
HIS MAJESTY Steven McWhirter
ISLAY MIST Peter Stevenson

Sunday 14 April 2019
KATMANDU Jeffrey Winspear

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Monday & Tuesday Lunch only 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Quarterdeck CLOSED FRIDAY Dinnertime for CU@SUNSET
Sunday's 1200hs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
MCS Security Services (after hours) phone number: 0413 362 877
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