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Tuesday 19 March 2019 - Issue 330

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 20 March 2019
Sailability 1000hrs - Confirmed
Mid-week Summer Series Race 11. 1435hrs
Cruise in Company (sunset 19:21) 1800hrs
New Members Induction 1800hrs
Thursday 21 March 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $2,450
Friday 22 March 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Saturday 23 March 2019
Saturday Summer Series Race 15. 1325hrs
Cruising Section - SoPYC Pirate Raid on FSC 1600hrs
Sunday 24 March 2019
OTB Multiple Race Series Day 9. 1325hrs
Monday 25 March 2019
SS22's Committee Meeting 1830hrs
Tuesday 26 March 2019
Management Committee Meeting 1800hrs

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Grand Sponsor Regatta -15th March 2019

Last Friday saw the successful reintroduction of the Grand Sponsor’s Regatta – a series of races in the BW8s skippered by junior sailors and crewed by a selection of our Grand Sponsors. An impressive trophy was dusted off for the event, with existing plaques showing that it’s been 11 years since the last regatta. We are hoping to make this …

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File2 15
CU@sunset Three vs3
CU@sunset Three vs5

*Please note: The Quarterdeck Dining area will be closed

on Friday 29th March because of the CU@Sunset event

Half Yearly General Meeting &

Special General Meeting Notices

2019 Half Yearly - Notice to Members REV Date
Senior Clubhouse, South of Perth Yacht Club
Tuesday 16th April 2019, at the conclusion of the Half Yearly Meeting

In accordance with clause 10 of the Club Constitution members are advised the Management Committee has called a Special General Meeting.


An amended Incorporated Associations Act (2015) was passed into law in 2016. With effect from 1st July, 2016 all Associations are obliged to have Rules (Constitutions) that comply with the new Act. Associations were granted a grace period to achieve compliance by 30th June, 2019. SoPYC has undergone a review of the existing Rules and conducted five member forums inviting input by all members. Draft Rules and By Laws that are compliant with the Act have been prepared and updated with the input of the Management Committee and members who attended the forums. These may be viewed on the Member Portal under the ‘Constitution, Rules and By Laws’ Tab. The final draft of the Rules and By Laws that members are being asked to consider will be available on the member Portal from 8th April, 2019.

The Business of the Meeting will be to consider a recommendation by the Management Committee to adopt the draft Rules and By Laws presented at the meeting on Tuesday 16th April, 2019.


“In accordance with the requirements of the Incorporated Associations Act (2015), members of South of Perth Yacht Club Inc. adopt the draft Rules and By Laws as recommended by the Management Committee and presented for the consideration of members at a Special General Meeting conducted on Tuesday 16th April, 2019.”

Moved: Wayne Marshall (Membership Chair) Seconded: John Midolo (Vice Commodore)

Copies of the current Constitution, Rules and By Laws and the amended Incorporated Associations Act (2015) South of Perth Yacht Club Rules and By Laws are available to all members and can be obtained through:

  1. the Members Portal under the ‘Constitution, Rules and By Laws’ Tab of the portal; or
  2. at the request of the member, the documents can be emailed to members as PDF copies; or
  3. members may collect a hard copy of the documents from the SoPYC Administration Office Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5.00pm.
David Harries

Quarterdeck dining will be available until 7.30pm to accommodate members attending the meeting.

FOB key information

Dear Members,
If you received your Fob key or had it re-programmed since January 29th 2019, and it's still not performing correctly, it may have been affected by our recent computer ransomware attack. If this is the case please bring it into the Administration office between 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday to have it re-programmed by our office staff. Thank you.
Ladies Lunch April vs4
Anzac Day Service 2019


Pursuit Race – Saturday 23 March 2019
We are looking forward to trying out the new LED timer for the first time this Saturday. This timer will become a permanent fixture on the balcony of the Start Box.
Division 3 together with the Red Witch fleet will be the first fleets to try it on Saturday for their Tri Series pursuit races starting at 1330.

Supplementary SIs now available – click here.

All other Keelboat fleets start mid-river as normal.

Flying 15 Forward Hand Race – Sunday 24 March 2019
This first race of the Multiple Race Series is dedicated to those over-worked and undervalued Forward Hands where they get the opportunity to show their slave masters a trick or two (...or not). First across the line is the winner. It is a non-consistency race, but at the conclusion of this race the skippers take over for the remaining 2 races where points do count towards the Multiple Race Series.

Notice to Competitors – Saturday 6th April 2019
This race remains as a non-consistency race, however the starting location will be mid-river and not at the Box as originally scheduled. For full details, please click here.

Notice to Competitors – Sunday 7th April 2019
The Off The Beach program for Sunday 7th April 2019 will be detailed asap. Each nominated skipper will be notified directly.

“Veteran and Women sailors" – Final chance to register your interest to race for SoPYC in the 2019 Interclub Championship!

This year’s Interclub Championship will be held at SoPYC from 5-7 April and raced on Foundation 36 yachts. This is one of the biggest events on WA’s sailing calendar and not to missed by our competitive sailors.

Veterans (50+) race Friday afternoon 5th April (3:45pm briefing)
Women race Sunday morning 6th April (8am briefing)

Click here to lodge your EOI and for more info on the event.”

Swan River Sailing - State Youth Keelboat Championships -

17 March 2019

Swan River Sailing State Youth Kelboat Championships Results
Tackers Courses April
Keelboat Course flyer march 2019
Power Boat Training 1 A4

On Behalf of Rules Chairperson - Christina Heydon

Rules Session week 4
This week there are 3 start line diagrams in relation to what should happen/(not happen) when you are OCS. These 2 rules, RRS22.1 & 24.2, tend to get “lost” when competitors look at the rules.
Reminder: RRS14: All boats shall avoid contact!

What the book says:
Section D – Other Rules - Preamble: When rules 22 or 23 applies between two boats, Section A rules do not.
Reminder: Section A rules are the RoW rules RRS10, 11, 12, 13.
RRS22.1 A boat sailing towards the pre-start side of the starting line or one of its extensions after her starting signal to start or to comply with rule 30.1 shall keep clear of a boat not doing so until she is completely on the pre-start side.
24.1 If reasonably possible, a boat not racing shall not interfere with a boat that is racing.
24.2 If reasonably possible, a boat shall not interfere with a boat that is taking a penalty, sailing on another leg or subject to rule 22.1. However, after the starting signal, this rule does not apply when the boat is sailing her proper course.

When you are OCS and you commence returning to the start your section A rules do not apply. If you are initially starboard RoW and commence to bear away to return to the start you become subject to RRS22.1 and you shall keep clear of other boats that are not returning to start. (RRS10 Port/Starboard does not apply).
rules 19 mar 1
rules 19 mar 2
rules 19 mar 3
Blue & Green need to have made a decision at position 2. All boats shall Avoid Contact.
RRS22.1 is on Blue when she bears away, she is the keep clear boat and it looks like Green is going to make contact. Green should bear away, shout protest and raise her red flag. Blue is DSQ.

SoPYC Offshore Report

ARGO'S Quest
ARGO made its way into SoPYC’s offshore fleet by a serious of circumstances beginning in 2009 when I took HELIOS (1976 Tasker 34) down to Henderson to undergo a full refit. After stripping the yacht, the prognosis was not good when it became clear that a refit would cost far more than the yacht would ever be worth with extensive wood rot throughout the decks. The yacht was eventually stripped and bits and pieces sold off to end up in other yachts around town and the cockpit and nose cone salvaged to become an ‘object de art’ in my back garden in the upper swan where it is buried into the hillside more like a peace of jetsam than flotsam.

At the time Mark Mawby was running the boat brokerage out of Caning River Traders and moving a heap of Brig RIB’s and Dufour cruising yachts. He approached me to take on his Jeaneau 34 which was languishing at the back of division 2 and help him make it more competitive. We stripped the yacht of a tonne or so if cruising gear and accumulated unnecessary ‘stuff’ , installed the Helios crew with Mark and Nina and managed to bring the yacht in for a few memorable results further up the fleet, and importantly maintain the robust twilight social life we were well used to. The lure of a plastic fantastic racing yacht that wouldn’t fall to bits in the ocean (Aka Helios) was too alluring and I was drawn to the annual Mandurah Boat Show (remember those days of decent boat shows!) to see what was on offer for racing yachts and to check out Marks Mawby’s newest offering, the Dufour 34E. In 2009 there was a pretty good selection of race yachts on display including the C&C34, XYachts, the Dufour34E, Sydney 36’s and the Foundation 36 along with wide variety of cruising yachts. The big daddy of the racing offering was Laurie Flynns Archambault RC40. It was a truly great yacht but at half the price the Dufour34E got the nod for a very comfortable yacht that could take on ocean racing. As it had a nice big card table and toilet with a door it also ticked off the Twilight Sailing Remit and thus got the War Office’s seal of approval.

Laurie went on to convincingly win the 2010 GBRW IRC racing division (in the days when there were huge fleets) in the Archambault RC40 then named AARVARK and we commenced our ocean racing journey in the Numbers Game and enjoyed good success in the offshore Division 3 fleet including GBRW and a challenging 1st Gero. During this time Laurie Flynn did a deal with Craig Carter to trade down from Aarvark into Craig’s Beneteau 35 Dynamic. Craig changed the yachts name to Hoodoo Man and went on to clean up in the 2011/12 offshore including winning the Siska in the absence of the Grand Prix racers such as Black Betty and General Lee that had dominated for many years.

It was however proving challenging for Numbers Game to beat the IRC optimised racers and I called Paul Eldrid in to look at optimisation options to get more consistent podium results. At that same time he was helping Craig Carter set up his new Karkeek 47 Indian suggested buying Hoodoo Man might be a better pathway to optimisation than trying to redesign the Dufour emerge Cruiser racer.

A deal was done and Hoodoo Man was bought and pretty much immediately taken away for a refit and rebuild following the rigours of its Siska campaign, to emerge for the last race of the 2012/13 season as ARGO.

We went on to dominate the Division 2 Offshore fleet for the next 3 years winning most series and races targeted, but the Siska remained elusive as Craig Carters new Karkeek ticked a few more boxes for offshore optimised yachts and took a firm hold on the Bluewater series.

The consolidation of the offshore fleets into two divisions in 2016/17 put ARGO back into the mid fleet position in Division One and the differing performance attributes between the Fat 40’s and the planing GP’s has resulted in new challenges to be met. Throughout this ARGO has been consistent with its participation in SoPYC premier racing events at Geraldton getting onto the podium each year and winning the inaugural Batavia Coast Regatta in 2018.
Along the way ARGO (and Numbers Game) have built a remarkably diverse crew list from SoPYC including owners, skippers and crews from across the clubs fleets. An non exhaustive list includes Bruce Miller , Warren Erasmus, Peter Keating, James keating , Petrus Vlaar, Sonia Vlaar, Graeme Brown, Rees Howell, PC Guy Skinner, Andrew Bell, Ash Minolta, Keith Swinton, Emma White, Dubbo, Peter Middlemass, Peter Botman, Michael Kennedy, Doug Stewart, Loren Desalas, Maria and Brett Warreck and a whole bunch more that didn’t make it onto my Bluewater Crew records for inshore races. And that’s just one yacht over 8 years, just imagine what Walk On The Wildside and Farrago have contributed in their 20 plus years offshore.

It may however be that ARGO’s Quest may have to move on to an even faster platform if the search for the golden Fleece is to succeed.
Chris Higham
ARGO on a Quest
Biggles original Helios crew
Above: Biggles & original Helios crew
The Days of Helios
Above: The Days of Helios
219th November - Windy Kite Run
Above: Windy kite run
Arlene Race Argo 2 L Warhurst
Above: Arlene Race Argo 2 L Warhurst
F15 Logo

Flying Fifteen Update 19/3/19

Despite the magnificent sailing conditions, Sunday’s action had a slightly destructive element added to the mix which started on Saturday morning with Jen Sims (Yes,No,Maybe) falling in the shower and breaking her wrist. Not many people would admit to something so benign so it must be true!
On the water, the 15 boat fleet all finished within 4 minutes and some boats only separated by a couple of seconds. John and Matt (Ffast Lane 4) were first with Greg and Hector (Spot the difference) second.
The breeze kicked up a notch for the second race and Ffollow Us (Tim and Plonky) took an early lead but had to settle for second after Spot the Difference got the better of them on the second lap. A shiver went through the rig on Faffin when the jib halyard parted. Quick work by RC Carl and Kristine saved the mast and Sandy and Greg had that sinking feeling when a large (ish) hole appeared under the waterline of ROFFL after a collision with Fflashpoint. Thanks to the rescue boat crews who were on the scene remarkably quickly to ensure sailors were safe and boats stayed above water (mostly).
Next weekend we have sailing on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Melville Water West with a warm-up regatta prior to the State Championships. Nominations should have already been submitted but, with sufficient grovelling to the RFBYC sailing administrator, you may get a favourable response. Back at Melville Water East for Sunday afternoon and the first race will be the annual crew’s race which is a timely reminder for all normal skippers to check that their insurance is current. Anyone with any knowledge of our fleet will realise that the last statement is incorrect. There are no normal skippers!
CP photo Mar18
Winner of Club Championship heat 12 and current overall leader, Greg Tonnison, skipper of Spot the Difference with the Commodore.

Batavia's Long Boat is coming to SoPYC 17th -18th April 2019

Batavia Longboat Poster
Batavia long boat at sail

Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Sailing at SoPYC

Every Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm the Club is conducting races for DragonFlite95 (DF95) radio controlled yachts. You are invited to come and participate in the fun of racing these restricted one-design yachts. There are currently twenty-three DF95's belonging to members of SoPYC and they will be happy to hand over the controls for you to 'have a go'. A DF95 …

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Power Logo 3 High Res Png
Power Preseason V3
Cruising Logo
CRUISING CALENDAR 2019 2 jpeg_01

Pirate Raid 23 March 2019

PIRATE RAID TO FREMANTLE SAILING CLUB BRING THE KIDS, DRESS UP FOR KIDS ESSENTIAL. This is a great fun event for kids, parents and adults who never grow up.
Please join us!
The raid will take place at Fremantle Sailing Club on the lawn area near the VIP jetty. They will have a fort around the flagpole. We would like to ban hoses, buckets and water bombs as with the last raid, certain parties got carried away and being drenched all night took a bit of the fun out of it. Besides, if any water balloons find their way into the marina, I think they will string us all up.
Tickets are $35 per head. Kids aged 5 - 12 $15 each. (Please call FSC and pay in advance 9435 8800)
The ticket includes the first drink (beer, wine or soft drink), a scrumptious buffet feast and live music. The tickets will be pre-sold through FSC prior to the event. The registration form can be requested from Bob to enable a pen to be booked for you.
  • 4.00pm Assist SoPYC to dock at FSC
  • 5.00pm Raid commences (no water pistols, plastic non-firing guns and plastic swords only).
  • 5.30pm Register and receive drink token and wrist band outside Ward Room.
    Enter wardroom, socialise and enjoy your first drink on us. Quiz to open chest.
  • 6.30pm Buffet meal
  • 7.30pm – 11.30pm Live music
  • 9.00am Sunday Breakfast provided for those staying/visiting on their boats. (Gold coin donation pp to go to Cystic Fibrosis?) Donation suggestion at this stage.

SoPYC Cruising Section invites all our pirates to prepare their vessel for the attack at FSC by contacting Bob Wright on 0417 096 241.

Cruising Butterflies 2019 - Still seeking your support

Dear Members & Friends, we are still looking for your support on the day – we need about 10 more boats and crew to donate their time to take the families out on the water and roughly 18-20 more volunteers for the day to help the families navigate around the Club. The annual Cruising Butterflies event is when we invite …

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Cruising ButterfliesPoster2019vs6 01
Want to Try Sailing a Keelboat AFrame
Little Ferry Co advert
Club Fuel Prices Today imagejpeg

Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.42

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.42

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 23 March 2019
HIGH SEAS Thomas Vermeltfoort

Sunday 24 March 2019
LUCKY LADY Paul Morgan
COHIBA Ashley Thomsett

Saturday 30 March 2019
EMELSEA Lyndon Rowe
Ralph Newton

Sunday 31 March 2019
REBOUND John Fenton

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Monday & Tuesday Lunch only 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's 1200hs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
MCS Security Services (after hours) phone number: 0413 362 877
Marine Lift & Hard Stand Bookings phone number: 0412 528 270
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