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Tuesday 12 March 2019 - Issue 329

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Sailability 1000hrs - Confirmed
Mid-week Summer Series Race 10. 1435hrs
Twilight Series Race 18. 1810hrs
Thursday 14 March 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $2,400
Cruising Committee Meeting 1930hrs
Friday 15 March 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Grand Sponsor Regatta 1600hrs
Saturday 16 March 2019
Saturday Summer Series 1325hrs
Sunday 17 March 2019
Viper Short Course Regatta 0900hrs
OTB Multiple Race Series Day 7. 1325hrs
Monday 18 March 2019
Security Committee Meeting 1830hrs

OWG Information Night "Rigging" 1830hrs

Tuesday 19 March 2019
OWG Committee Meeting 1630hrs
House Committee Meeting 1800hrs
Regatta Committee Meeting 1800hrs
Pens & Moorings Committee Meeting 1830hrs

Xantippe Night Time Trial Report

The much coveted Xantippe trophy is named after the boat, in honour of the late Barry Brittan, which he campaigned with navigator Madeliene Rennie for 25 years. Madeliene spoke about Barry before presenting the flags and trophy. The muggy overcast night meant no moon or starlight this year to assist boats around the 2 lap 55-minute course at 8 …

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Xantippe 1

Cruise to Mandurah Long Weekend 2-4 March 2019

Who needs the French Riviera when we have magnificent Mandurah!!! Boats, sun, sand, good food, great company – what more could one ask for? Mandurah never fails to disappoint! Exploring the shops (and yes, some of us did make it to David Jones at the Mandurah Forum), the myriad of restaurants, the expanding Dolphin Quay Marina, the foreshore, market stalls, …

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CU@sunset Three vs3
CU@sunset Three vs5

*Please note: The Quarterdeck Dining area will be closed

on Friday 29th March because of the CU@Sunset event

Message from the General Manager

Ransomware/Malware Attack.
At 12.14am on Saturday 9th March the Club was subjected to a Ransomware/malware attack. Work on rectifying the impact of the attack commenced about lunchtime Saturday and is ongoing. The attack was only partially successful in that it affected a small part of the computer modifying the POS system during Saturday. The POS system was rectified and operating normally from Sunday lunchtime. No demands have been delivered to extort money from SoPYC as the server attack was incomplete. The access point is believed to be a voicemail account. This has been closed off. Access to the member portal has also been impacted and this is being rectified as soon as practicable. We appreciate the patience and support of Members while the club data that has been affected is restored which is a matter of the time it is taking to restore files.



March Long Weekend long gone

State Champions crowned - While some of us got lazy and chilled at home the die-hard sailed their State Championships. SoPYC had solid participation, awesome personal bests and amazing results. See result links and the standouts were;
Axel Fleet winning the 29er State Championship with his new crew Kieran Bucktin RFBYC.
Richard Maher is back and the Laser Standard State Championship ahead of some big names. Two years in a row….
Craig Hughes crowned the Laser Masters Standard State Champion.
Optimist sailor Aaron Teo had to give in for once and had to settle for second place after protests decided the outcome. Aaron has been selected for the AIODA European Championship Squad and will travel to France in June to represent Australia. Ona Rafart was 1st Girl in a strong fleet of boys.

Australian Sailing is looking at strengthening female participation along the pathway through various projects. Clubs should follow suit and dedicate some budget to get more girls and women involved. There is an unbelievable amount of talent attached to female participation and SoPYC could lead the way a create a few specific initiatives encouraging female participation at all levels of the club.

As you all know now the coming weeks are my last at the club. Many of you have sent amazing messages saying well done and great work etc. Thanks, to all of you.
I have had an amazing team around me and it is important to know that the club has many very capable and professional staff members that work incredibly hard to service members and organise events. I have to say thank you to all of you for putting up with me for 3.5 years.
I’m proud to have helped and serviced the vision that PC Mark Nicholas brought to the table and to have worked with volunteers and staff to further the club. Everyone has put in a tremendous effort and we have been very successful. Major milestones have been ticked off.
I would like to thank everyone for taking part, participating and most of all being keen sailors and powerboaters.


What does SoPYC want to be in 10 years and who are the new members that will be the core in 20 years? Only the future can tell us, and rest assure it will!
Sailing and member clubs have already undergone changes around the world and more changes are coming so brace yourself and stay ahead of the game through a solid vision and strategy.

Sail more and spend less time in meeting rooms. It makes you a better sailor or powerboater and you will have more FUN. Let’s have more FUN.
Kind Regards,
Mikael Lundh, On Water Manager
Keelboat Course flyer march 2019
Power Boat Training 1 A4

On Behalf of Rules Chairperson - Christina Heydon

Numerous people ask “what is a beat to windward?”
Competitors come into the Protest room and advise that “the starboard boat was reaching for the windward mark and therefore they were not close hauled and therefore they were not on a beat to windward”!!!!.
Case 132 has been revised and updated (3/12/2018) for everyone asking this question.
4 situations – all starboard boats are on a beat to windward!!!!
CASE 132
Rule 18.1(a), Mark-Room: When Rule 18 Applies Rule 42.3(c), Propulsion: Exceptions
Interpretation of the phrase ‘on a beat to windward’.

Question 1
Rule 18.1(a) states that rule 18 does not apply between boats on opposite tacks on a beat to windward. For the purpose of rule 18.1(a), when are boats ‘on a beat to windward’?
Answer 1
For the purpose of rule 18.1(a), which is only needed in multi-boat situations when at least one boat is in the zone, two boats on opposite tacks are considered to be ‘on a beat to windward’
(1) when the proper course for each of them is close-hauled or above, or
(2) when one or both of them have overstood the close-hauled layline to the mark and are sailing below close-hauled.
Consider the following four situations, each involving boats on opposite tacks in the zone of a mark to be left to port. The mark could be a windward mark, a finishing mark at the port end of a finishing line, a windward gate mark, or a limit mark that is not a rounding mark. In each of these situations, the boats shown are ‘on opposite tacks on a beat to windward’ and, therefore, rule 18 does not apply to them.
Case 132
Question 2 - Rule 42.3(c) states that a single pull on any sail when surfing or planing is possible is permitted except on a beat to windward. For the purpose of rule 42.3(c), when is a boat ‘on a beat to windward’?
Answer 2
Rule 42 addresses each boat in a race individually. For the purpose of rule 42.3(c), a boat is ‘on a beat to windward’ provided that, in the absence of all other boats, the course she would sail to sail the course and finish as soon as possible is close-hauled or above.

SoPYC Offshore Report

Saturday saw the Offshore fleet of 21 boats accompanied by 6 cruising yachts in the rally fleet, start the Halls Head Race and rally to Mandurah. Endorfin and Twitch gallantly started the race in winds that at times were reading 0.0knts Endorfin unfortunately drifted over the line pushed by a slight current then took 20 minutes to get back and re-start due to lack of wind. But the ever-adventurous fleet pushed on down Success Channel, through Challenger Passage and headed south to Coventry Reef knowing forecast was for less wind early afternoon. Part the way down Garden Island, the first racing yacht Kraken retired followed by Giddy Up, started their motors on and headed for the party at Mandurah. Slowly more yachts felt the pull of a rum in Mandurah.
What is possibly a first in WA Offshore racing, all competitions retired from the race.
Twitch was the second boat to reach Coventry Reef, under sail, at 15:21hrs but along with the remaining yachts retired and enjoyed a beer as heading towards Mandurah.
The channel was a little deeper than in past years at 2.8 meters but still not enough for Twitch Endorfin and Weapon of Choice to enter the marina. Mandurah left a rib for those on board to use
The Beach Party and hospitality of Mandurah Offshore sailing and Fishing Club was once again great and enjoyed by all our sailors and volunteers.
The Point Robert Return Race on Sunday morning also started in with no to very little wind for the first ¾ hour. As predicted, the wind increased and coming from the south west, so the fleet had a pleasant run, with spinnakers up to Challenger Passage. Both Div 1 and Div 2 were bunched together except for the two leaders. Spinnakers up again at Eastern Challenger Passage Lead Beacon, heading home via Success Channel.
The entire fleet finished within an hour from first to last, keeping our finishing team very busy. Well done to the yachties and thank you to our volunteers.
Betty Walsh

Photos below courtesy of “Joss” with SoPYC member Reece Howell onboard as boat captain.
Halls Head 2
Halls Head 1
F15 Logo

Flying Fifteen Update 12/3/19

It was 3 races and 3 bullets for Ffollow Us (Tim and Plonky) on Sunday in conditions that make sailing an absolute pleasure. They were kept honest by John and Kevin (She who must be obeyed) and Andy and Anne ( A2 ) with a bit of help from Rookie and Paul (Fflashpoint). On the consistency side, it was a big day for Richard and Duncan (Electrifflying Diamonds) winning 2 races and Peter and Tim picking up a couple of seconds on Swifft. See all the results on the website

Last weekend the fleet travelled to Mandurah for 5 races run by the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club and a report can be found at It does need to be noted that what happens in Mandurah……you know the rest.
Next Sunday we have another 2 heats of the Club Championship. A quick perusal of the results sheets with, as of today, 6 races to go has Greg and Hector (Spot the difference) with a handy lead from Andy and Anne (A2) and John and Kevin (She who must be obeyed). Then follows another six or so boats who are not without a chance if the front boats don’t stick to the task. The scorecard, currently, has no allowance for discards which will shuffle the order a bit.

On Water Group Information Night

Monday 18th March 6:30pm. "Rigging"

Rigging poster

Batavia's Long Boat is coming to SoPYC 17th -18th April 2019

Batavia Longboat Poster
Batavia long boat at sail

Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Sailing at SoPYC

Every Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm the Club is conducting races for DragonFlite95 (DF95) radio controlled yachts. You are invited to come and participate in the fun of racing these restricted one-design yachts. There are currently twenty-three DF95's belonging to members of SoPYC and they will be happy to hand over the controls for you to 'have a go'. A DF95 …

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IMG 8978
Power Logo 3 High Res Png
Power Preseason V3
Cruising Logo
CRUISING CALENDAR 2019 2 jpeg_01

Pirate Raid 23 March 2019

From Rod Mews, Captain, Fremantle Sailing Club Power Section

Some of you may not be aware that way back in 1973, a group of local sailing clubs banded together to create an interclub event known as the Pirate Raid. People would dress up as pirates (costume is optional but helps add to the excitement and atmosphere) and raid the club with the treasure chest. The event would involve a brief pretend battle for the chest (in which the raiding club would automatically win). But more importantly, it's an evening of socializing and a party atmosphere with likeminded boaties. Last year, FSC raided and won the treasure chest and on March 23rd, South of Perth Yacht Club will be raiding Fremantle Sailing Club from 5.00pm.
This is a club wide event and all members and their friends are invited to attend
what will certainly be a great event.

The party will be in the FSC Wardroom.
So, no matter what the weather is, we will be covered.
The tickets are great value at only $35 per adult which includes a fabulous FSC buffet dinner, a welcome beer wine or soft drink and live music!

The Itinerary is:
  • 5:00pm Raid commences down at the flag pole in front of the VIP jetty
    (water pistols, plastic non-firing guns and plastic swords only)
    This is not compulsory to do but is fun!
If you do not wish to battle, you can either watch it or start at 5.30pm
  • 5:30pm register and receive welcome drink token and wrist band outside Wardroom
  • Enter Wardroom, socialise and enjoy your first drink on us. Fun quiz to open the chest
  • 6:30pm Buffet Meal
  • 7:30pm – 11.30pm Live Music
  • 9:00am Sunday Breakfast provided for those staying/visiting on their boats.
    (Gold coin donation pp)
Tickets are limited and registration needs to be done by close of business Wednesday 13th March. This will be a great opportunity for all sections to have a great time at our Club.
I really hope to see you there! Thank you,
Rod Mews
Captain FSC Power Section

SoPYC Cruising Section invites all our pirates to prepare their vessel for the attack at FSC by contacting Bob Wright on 0417 096 241.

Cruising Butterflies 2019 - Still seeking support

Dear Members & Friends, we are still looking for your support on the day – we need about 10 more boats and crew to donate their time to take the families out on the water and roughly 18-20 more volunteers for the day to help the families navigate around the Club. The annual Cruising Butterflies event is when we invite …

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Cruising ButterfliesPoster2019vs6 01
Want to Try Sailing a Keelboat AFrame
Little Ferry Co advert
Club Fuel Prices Today imagejpeg

Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.39

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.40

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 16 March 2019
CHILLIES Peter Chilvers
COHIBA Kris Townhend

Sunday 17 March 2019
DEJA Q Roshanna Jalagge
EMELSEA Lyndon Rowe

Saturday 23 March 2019
HIGH SEAS Thomas Vermeltfoort

Sunday 24 March 2019
LUCKY LADY Paul Morgan
MANDUCO Ashley Thomsett

Saturday 30 March 2019
MUSCAT Alison Bailey

Sunday 31 March, 2019
REBOUND John Fenton

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Monday & Tuesday Lunch only 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's 1200hs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
MCS Security Services (after hours) phone number: 0413 362 877
Marine Lift & Hard Stand Bookings phone number: 0412 528 270
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