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Sailing Development Manager – Mikael Lundh

It is with great regret that I advise members of the resignation of Mikael Lundh as Sailing Development Manager. Mikael will be finishing his role at the Club on 27th March 2019. In the three and half years Mikael has been at the Club a number of changes have taken place starting with the Future of Sailing Proposal being implemented as a driver for the changes to the on water group as the sailing office is now known. The adoption of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan which is about to undergo a review by the Management Committee, and the development and adoption of the Club On Water Operational Plan.

Mikael has been a strong and committed contributor to SoPYC and his experience and knowledge of sailing as an ocean sailor, Americas Cup crew, Olympic Coach in Woman’s Match Racing and Youth Olympic Coach for Nacra’s has certainly shown SoPYC a new world.

I would like to thank Mikael for his contribution and commitment to SoPYC and wish he, his wife Jess and son Oliver a bright future.

Members Survey

The Management Committee was briefed on the survey results at the February 2019 meeting and the survey data is now up on the Member Portal for all Members to read in the 'Reports' tab. (login is required for this area of the website There are three documents available: the 1999/2000 survey so Members can see what Members thought a generation ago, the 2018 comprehensive survey results and a brief analysis of the results by Vikki Baldwin, who, apart from being a member of the Management Committee, is the Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Notre Dame. The 2018 Survey is intended to set a baseline to measure Member expectations and desires and it is planned that the House Committee will repeat the survey regularly to measure and record changes that arise in the future. The next survey is planned for March 2020 which will give Members a breather and the House Committee time to review the survey questions and refine the current range of questions so they present data and information that is pertinent to the contemporary expectations of our membership. Vikki Baldwin will also be preparing snapshot’s of the survey results for members in Coffee Pointers on a fortnightly basis.

2015 Association & Incorporations Act Rule and By-Law changes

As Members will know, the Associations and Incorporations Act was revised in 2015 and Constitutions are now called Rules within the amended Act. Clubs have until June 2019 to achieve compliance with the amended Act. Elph Hensler has been leading the review of the current SoPYC Constitution to ensure that it is compliant with the new Act and is ready to go by 1st July 2019. She and the Management Committee have spent many hours going through the Constitution to achieve the compliance needed under the 2015 amendments and five focus group sessions have been conducted for Members over the last few months to make comment and contribute to the review that has been undertaken. At the February Management Committee Meeting, it was resolved that the meeting of Members to consider and adopt the Rules and By-Laws for SoPYC will be conducted at the conclusion of the Half Yearly Meeting on 17th April 2019. Please diarise the meeting date. A formal Notice will be distributed to Members closer to the meeting date. The final draft of the Rules and By-Laws will be on the Members Portal in the next few weeks once the final changes have been approved by the Management Committee for presentation to all SoPYC Members. Commodore Phil Warwick would like to convey his grateful appreciation and thanks for the work that Elph has done on the document and thank all Members who contributed during the forums leading to the draft document to be presented to Members in April.

Thank you.
David Harries,
General Manager
Racing Rules Week 1 - Boat End "Barging"
Created by Christina Heydon, National Judge
1 Start @ Boat RRS11121416 (1edit)
ADD A THIRD BOAT! This scenario is the most likely to happen as everyone is endeavouring to start at the same time! Add more boats and the situation compounds. If you are the RED boat, please “do not go in there”. It is a dangerous situation to put yourself, your crew and all the other boats that have to take evasive action.
1 Start @ Boat RRS11121416 plus3rd boat (edit 2)
RRS14 Avoiding Contact – This applies to all boats!
RRS67 Damages - ………………………Australian Sailing advises that the question of damages is for the appropriate court of law.
Racing Rules Week 2 - Como buoy to outer start line buoy then onto Sampson Spit
Created by Christina Heydon, National Judge
Outer start line to Sampson (003)
These 2 cases are about “Obstructions”. Yellow is on Starboard and Green & Blue are required to keep clear of her. Read RRS19 – Room to Pass an Obstruction. Scenario 1 happens basically every week. Scenario 2 is the same scenario with Blue breaking RRS19.2(b) & RRS17!
Outer start line to Sampson stage2 (002)
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