The Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) course consists of a 3 hour theory revision (personalised, interactive, hands on, working through the RST Workbook, charts, markers, toy boats, safety equipment etc) followed by the Theory Assessment of 40 multiple choice questions.

On successful completion of the Theory Assessment, on a day arranged, you will receive an hour of practical boat handling tuition (running through everything that is required for the Practical Assessment) using the Club’s safety boats, then finally followed by the Practical Assessment.



Please follow the links to gain access to course material and helpful quizzes!

There are a few requirements in order to participate and in order for completion:

  • Participants under the age 18 must have a ‘consent form’ signed by a legal parent or guardian
  • Those without a valid Australian drivers license will need to complete an eye test and provide the accompanying form
  • You will need to provide a valid photo form ID to the instructor on the night of your course; either a Drivers Lisence or Australian Passport
  • Any course stages taking part at the South of Perth Yacht Club premise will require an up-to-date Covid 19 Proof of Vaccination certificate or a valid exemption certificate. You will require to have this on you or accessible at time of the course. For more information on the Governments requirements please click here.

All inclusive cost of $345

If there are currently no course enrolment options, please feel free to fill out the Expression of Interest Form and we will get back to you.

Expression of Interest

Who needs an RST?

Follow the link provided for information on what an RST is, and who has to have one.

RST Information